Kanae no Hoshi (カナエの星 Kanae no Hoshi?, lit., "Kanae's Star") is a new light novel series by Yashichirō Takahashi and illustrated by Noizi Itō

Outline and Principal CharactersEdit

The story centers around Kanae Naorai (Naorai Kanae 直会カナエ?), a middle school boy who possesses "Sunde no Michi" (既の道 Sunde no Michi?, lit., "'The already laid path'"), the power to forecast destiny. The story begins when he is "chosen" by a girl named Soyogi of the Star's Horizon (星平線のそよぎ Seiheisen no Soyogi?).

Soyogi spends her time in a place called the Star's Horizon. She teaches Kanae, a boy who has awakened his "Half-opened Eye" (半開きの目 Hanbiraki no Me?), the truth of the world. Hein's Minion (ハインの手先 Hain no Tesaki?) is a mysterious entity who possesses the "Half-closed Eye" (半閉じの目 Hantoji no Me?) which allows her to control the strings of fate. She brings about Transi (死像 (トランジ) Shizou (Toranji)?, lit., "Images of Death") a great danger to the world.

List of VolumesEdit

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