Revolving Wheel of the Wind
Name in Japanese風の転輪
Rōmaji TranslationKaze no Tenrin
Appears InAnime
Known UsersPheles
Technical Details

Kaze no Tenrin (風の転輪?, Revolving Wheel of the Wind) is a Power of Unrestraint whose purpose is searching and surveillance. Belonging to "Colorful Flutter" Pheles, it primarily becomes a seeking spell which searches for a particular person or thing. It appears to be a very unique spell; the spell itself transfers from person to person via touching. When reached target, it creates a copy of Pheles herself that would acts as a beacon for the real Pheles to come. The spell utilizes by only using small amount of Power of Existence so it uses the Power from person hosting the spell at that moment, and eternally revolving around the world until it meets its target.


Pheles utilizes this to search for her lover "Eternal Lover" Johann, who is sealed inside the Reiji Maigo.


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