Keisaku Satō
Name in Japanese 佐藤啓作
Rōmaji Translation Satō Keisaku
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel) Volume I
Debut (Manga) Chapter 01
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kenji Nojima
Voice Actor (English) Brad Swaile (Geneon)
Greg Ayres (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 15 years old
Height 167 cm (5' 6")
Class Human
Affiliation/s Misaki Municipal High School
Flame Haze
Status Active
Treasure Tools

Bookmark - Margery Daw's Treasure Tool

Keisaku Satō (佐藤啓作 Satō Keisaku?) is a fifteen-year-old high school student and is Eita Tanaka's friend and class-skipping companion. He eventually becomes Margery Daw's companion in her stay in Misaki City.


Keisaku is a young man with light-brown hair that goes down to his neck. He has a fair complexion and dark blue violet pupils. He is 15 years of age. In the anime, he is 167cm tall. In the light novels he is described to be handsome.[1]


Keisaku has a very different personality in the anime than he does in the novels. In the light novels, Keisaku is cheerful and sociable, often livening up his friends and setting the mood of the classroom. He is also friends with Yuji and Ike from the beginning of the story. In the anime, Keisaku is more standoffish and has a reputation for being rough, more so during his junior high school days before becoming calmer after he began to hang out with Eita.[2] He gradually becomes more sociable with Yūji and the others.


Keisaku is the son of one of Misaki City's old families, but due to an ongoing feud with his relatives, he had been living by himself in a small mansion, though he received care from housekeepers.


When Margery Daw came to Misaki City, she randomly chose Keisaku and Eita to be her guides to the city. When he and Eita found Crystal Altar, a magical map to the city that Friagne had been using until his demise, the two often acted as support. Being a member of a wealthy family and independent of his parents, his house becomes a place for Margery to stay. He and Eita like Margery but he hides his feelings, although when betrayed by Margery, he displayed emotions even more powerful than Eita's. Keisaku has notably chose Yūji Sakai out as a rival, especially after he had learned that Yūji was being trained by Flame Haze, Shana and Wilhelmina Carmel. Though, after several events, he accepted the fact that he doesn't need to be like Yūji. Instead, he decided to study harder by changing school so that he could someday work at the Outlaw to support Margery other than in combat.

He later confesses his love to Margery Daw causing her to wake up. Then they proceed to have sex.[3]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

Dengeki Bunko 2007 Move Festival SpecialEdit

Keisaku makes a cameo in this special, seated with Ike, Ogata, Eita and Margery in the theater.[4]


Margery DawEdit


Keisaku kissing Margery

Keisaku gradually develops feelings for Margery during her stay in Misaki City. After Margery was put into comatose by Yūji, Keisaku went to see her because both Eita and Marchosias both believed that he was the only one who could wake her. He kisses her and confesses his love for her, succeeding in waking her.




  • Like other human characters in the series, Keisaku's name is a homage to Japanese politicians; he is named after Eisaku Satō, the former Prime Minister of Japan.
  • He is one of the characters who went through major alterations from novel to anime. While some of his rough history is still present early on, he is quite a bit more sociable and is friends with Yūji and Hayato Ike from very early on.
  • He wants to be a Flame Haze like Margery and Shana although this isn't possible since the creation of Xanadu ended the war between the Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, thus cancelling the meaning of being a Flame Haze (to hunt down Denizens).
  • In the light novels, it is shown that he is romantically involved with Margery Daw, kissing her in order to wake her up after hearing the truth about the Silver, and giving her another reason to live. Episode 11 of Shakugan no Shana Final depicts this, going further by implying that Margery and Keisaku consummated their relationship.
  • Keisaku's seiyuu, Kenji Nojima, is the brother of Hirofumi Nojima, seiyuu of Hayato Ike and Takemikazuchi. Kenji's father, Akio Nojima, is also the seiyuu of Samuel Demantius.




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