Kiken no Kentō
Kiken no Kento
Name in Japanese揮拳の圏套
Technical Details
Related Treasure ToolsKisan no Taiken

The Kiken no Kentō (揮拳の圏套?, Spherical Domain of Brandishing Fists) is a mechanism installed on the fists of the Iron Giant's created by Dantalion. Its official name is Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252580 (我学の結晶エクセレント252580 Gagaku no Kesshō Ekuserento 252580?).

When activates, and invisible swirl occurs around the Giant's fist, allowing it to forcefully transport everything it touches into the Abyss.

Dantalion later improves this mechanism into the suicide bomb, Kisan no Taiken.


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