Rahab, one of the Kraken that attacked Yurī's ship

Kraken (海魔(クラーケン) Kuraaken?, "Sea Demon") is a term used to address Crimson Denizens that take the form of sea monsters and attack sailing ships, devouring passengers on board.


Krakens don't have a reason to blend in with people like the Denizens on the mainland do, so they don't take on a human appearance or use the Seal in order to create Torches.


Krakens are very dangerous since not every ship has a Flame Haze as a passenger, and Krakens won't approach ships that their enemies are aboard.


Throughout the 19th century, many Flame Haze put a lot of effort into Kraken extermination in every ocean.


One of the decisive battle occured in Hawaii during the start of the 20th century. Rebecca Reed and Ernest Flieder also participated in this operation and made their names widely known all over the world.

One of the Kraken appeared in the story is Rahab, the octopus-like Denizen that attacked the ship Yurī Chvojka and his family were aboard to go to New York. Yurī made a contract with Valac and easily striked Rahab down shortly after the ship was wrecked.

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