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Name in Japanese ラミー
Rōmaji Translation Ramī
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume II
Debut (Manga) Volume IV
Appears in Anime, Light Novels, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Motomu Kiyokawa
Voice Actor (English) Ron Halder (Geneon)
Jerry Russell (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Torch
Title "Corpse Retriever"
"Corpse Collector" (Geneon Anime, English Manga)
Color of Flame Dark green
Status Active
"Midnight Lost Child and a Flame Haze...I'm sure I'll hear from the winds how you're doing."
— To Yūji Sakai before parting ways after Margery Daw's defeat.

Lamies (ラミー Ramī?) is the Torch of an old man under the control of a Crimson Denizen as means to travel in secrecy. Lamies collects the Power of Existence from Torches on the verge of flickering out and is a rare one among Denizens due to respecting the balance and does not simply feed on people. As the nickname "Corpse Retriever" (屍拾い Shikabane Hiroi?) indicates, he only draws power from Torches that would perish any moment.


He assumes the form of an old man with a grey hat. He always wears a grey coat, a pair of white gloves and a tie.


Lamies is a quiet but caring person, concerned about the balance between worlds and is always careful only to collect dying Torches. He usually wears a serious expression, and doesn't usually express his emotions. He is also very wise, due to being thousands of years old. He is very cunning, able to fool even powerful Flame Haze such as the Chanter of Elegies with the use of his vast amount of magic skills and abilities.


He is an old acquaintance of Alastor since the Great War, but does not take part in battles.


Corpse Retriever ArcEdit

Lamies arrives at Misaki City as part of his habit of wandering around the world. During one of his visits to the art gallery at Misaki Atrium Arch, he meets Yuji Sakai, who was with Kazumi Yoshida on a date. He soon engages in a friendly conversation with Yuji, giving him advice about his romantic feelings.[1]

Meanwhile, the discovery of his presence in Misaki City causes Margery Daw, who is still an aggressive Flame Haze killing Crimson Denizens on sight, to eye him as her next target. After the defeat of the powerful Crimson Lord Friagne, Lamies is tracked down by Margery, thanks to the Haridan left behind by Friagne. While he remains in the Misaki Atrium Arch, Margery initiates her attack, only to be opposed by Shana, who chooses to side with Lamies after observing a lack of aggression in him. He agrees to cooperate with Shana, and with a trap set for Margery Daw, Shana defeats the "Chanter of Elegies".[2]

The ensuing battle cost Lamies the Power of Existence he gathered, and possibly more. However, he did not show any regret and courteously leaves for parts unknown. Alastor later reveals that inside Lamies lies the "Spiral Organ" Leanan-sidhe, one of the most respected spellcasters of the Crimson Realm.

Xanadu ArcEdit

He is contacted by one of the Bal Masqué's agents, Decarabia, during his wandering in a certain city, inviting the well-respected Torch to Seireiden to take part in the plan to retrieve the body of the Snake of the Festival. Lamies promptly agrees with the offer, in exchange for receiving part of the Power of Existence gained during the campaign.

Lamies is encountered by Wilhelmina Carmel during her infiltration of the Seireiden, although communicating through a bird-shaped entity. Wilhelmina did not show immediate aggression over Lamies as do Lamies himself, but he warns Wilhelmina about ending up thwarting his personal plans. After entering an agreement with Wilhelmina, Lamies gives him a spell fragment and some information about navigating through the Seireiden before allowing her to head out to Shana's whereabouts.

After the Snake of the Festival's descent on Misaki City, Lamies was the one given the responsibility of setting up the Anti-Seal in preparation for the creation of Xanadu. At the start of the ceremony, his voice was recognized by Kazumi, who was present as an important figure in the ceremony in the same way as Khamsin Nbh'w's tuning procedure. He later supports Kazumi in the ordeal, telling her to calm down amidst the effects of the Anti-Seal ceremony.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Creation: Lamies is a powerful Crimson Denizen, and is a great spellcaster. He created many Unrestricted Methods, including fixing the Fūzetsu that Dantalion created, and the restoration spell that made Yuji Sakai and Yukari Hirai full existences again.


  • (To Yūji before parting ways after Margery's defeat): "Midnight Lost Child and a Flame Haze...I'm sure I'll hear from the winds how you're doing."[3]


  • Lamies is a name of the malevolent demons that haunt cemeteries. They exhume cadavers and eat them, leaving only the bones of the dead.




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