Liu Yang
Name in Japanese 劉陽
Rōmaji Translation Liu Yang
Debut (Light Novel) Short Story Juggle
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Flame Haze
Title "Winder of Dew Blades"
Contracted to Xiang Liu
Contractor's True Name"Chime of Miasmic Mist"
Affiliation/s Flame Haze
Color of Flame Color of the Asiatic dayflower
Status Deceased
Unrestricted Spells

Haji Honbaku

Liu Yang (劉陽 Pinyin: Liú Yáng?) is the Chinese Flame Haze who teams up with Dede. His title is "Winder of Dew Blade" (露刃の巻き手 Rojin no Makite?). He stays at Guyaku, waiting for his partner's arrival. After a long time of waiting, he goes searching, and ends up fighting Mare and Sabrac. He is ultimately killed by Sabrac after a half-hour fight.


Liu Yang has the appearance of a dignified man with robust body. He wears a suit and an asiatic dayflower-colored sash, which he uses to wear his Chinese great sword or Dadao (大刀 Daitō?, Big Knife). This sword is also Xiang Liu's Vessel.


He appears to be a calm, well-mannered man who worries for his foreign partner, Dede's safety. After realizing that his partner was killed by Sabrac, he attacks the assassin for revenge.




Liu Yang and Dede are assigned to scout the Tian Shan mountain range for Bal Masqué's presence and activity. While waiting for Dede to meet up with him at Guyaku, one of the strategic Outlaws in Central Asia, he is told by Nam to wait longer. However, the Flame Haze refuses and goes searching for him. Later, he finds out about Dede's death and then rushes to find Sabrac and Mare. Mare, who senses their enemy coming, tells Sabrac to do nothing while she goes to stop him with her Power of Unrestraint. But Mare's power, the Gemeinde, is no match for the veteran Flame Haze. He is able to realize that he is trapped within an illusion, but before he is able to break out and killed Mare, Sabrac intervenes. After an intense fight that lasts about thirty minutes, Liu Yang is killed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Haji Honbaku (巴字奔瀑 "Spiral-shaped Rushing Torrent"?) : His signature Power of Unrestraint, it summons gushing water from where his foot stomps on by performing Zhen Jiao (震脚 Shinkyaku?, Stamping Foot), a technique in Chinese martial arts. This water can be summoned anywhere, even in the middle of desert. The water summoned by Liu Yang is controlled by his will and can assist his movement during battle. He can also sense the activity of Power of Existence of things surrounded or covered by spray of this water; he used this ability to sense Mare's illusion. One of his most powerful attacks is the formation of nine snake-like columns of water that attack simultaneously (an allusion to Xiang Liu's appearance in mythology).




  • His style of clothing is similar to Yu Xuan's; wearing suits and sashes of their contracted Crimson Lords' flame color.
  • He is able to hold Sabrac back for only thirty minutes, emphasizing the latter's strength. On the other hand, that he was even able to last against Sabrac for half an hour is proof that he was no pushover as well.
  • Interestingly, his flame color, in Japanese, is called Dew Herb (露草 Tsuyukusa?, commonly known as the Asiatic dayflower). This matches his Flame Haze title: Winder of Dew Blades.



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