Maelstrom of Warfare (闘争の渦 Tōsō no Uzu?) is the term used for a place (a town or city) with a long record of encounters with both Crimson Denizens and Flame Haze.

At times, this happens when Crimson Denizens attack and consume humans and attract the attention of Flame Haze. The conflict brought up by the encounter between Denizens and Flame Haze would cause destruction to both the humans caught in the crossfire and the place where the engagement started. This forms a vicious cycle which continues until either side is completely expired.

Whichever faction wins, the place of conflict would have a large amount of Distortions as a result of many Torches created. This phenomenon is not reversible, but the effects of the distortions can be dampened by the ceremony of Tuning, which Flame Haze like Khamsin Nbh'w specialize in.

Aside from Misaki City, the city of Osterode in Germany (which is the origin of the Great War) has been referred to as a Maelstrom of Warfare.


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