Marianne (マリアンヌ Marian'nu?) is the Rinne of the Crimson Lord "Hunter" Friagne. She is the source of Friagne's affection and is the Lord's motivation to perform the Unrestricted Spell City Devourer, which aims to convert her into an independent being.


Marianne in manga

Marianne's mannequin form in manga

She is a Rinne in the shape of a rag doll wearing a pink dress and a red ribbon on her hair. In the anime, she is 50cm tall.[1]

In the manga, Marianne conceals herself inside a mannequin wearing a wedding dress with a crown.


She's quite dependent on her master, Friagne. 


In 1848, Friagne found Marianne (who was a common doll at that time) in Turin, and fell in love with her at first sight. Until then, he had not been interested in humans and their culture except for Treasure Tool artisans. [2]


She is the one who lead some Rinne to devour Yuji's and Hirai's Power of Existence and was later defeated by Shana. She fled back to Friagne's base, Yoda Department Store and told him that she was defeated by the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter. Marianne fought against Shana again but she was defeated again. When Friagne came to rescue her, he recovered her and Regular Sharp, the weapon that she used to fight against Shana. Later, she was killed by Shana.



Marianne seems to care about her master, Friagne and is even willing to sacrifice herself in order to make the City Devourer a success.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Marianne usually hides her true form inside minor Rinne to protect herself during battle. She is an Autonomous Type Rinne, meaning she can think for herself and act independently.


  • "I pray for your safety, Master."[citation needed]


  • Marianne has the same Geneon English voice actor as Matake Ogata.
  • She also had the same FUNimation English voice actor as Kimiko Nakamura, Chalciuhtlicue, and Domino in season 3.
  • Since Friagne wears a white suit and Marianne wears a wedding dress in the manga, and they also love each other, one can say that they're like a couple preparing for marriage.




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