The Misaki City Misago Festival (御崎市ミサゴ祭り Misaki-shi Misago Matsuri?) is a summer festival that is held in Misaki City. It was originally a groundbreaking ceremony that was held at the Misaki Shrine, but specific details are unknown. It is now referred to by many people outside of Misaki City and is considered one of the largest events of the prefecture.

It was in the middle of the festival that "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion targeted the Flame Haze in the city.

The festival is named after the Ospreys (ミサゴ(鶚) Misago?) that are often seen near Mana River when they are flying between the inland and large lakes and rivers. The organizers of the festival respect the ospreys by decorating the town with golden osprey statues before gathering them in a heap and burning them on the last day of the festival.


  • The Misago Festival was first mentioned in volume VI of the light novel series.


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