Misaki Atrium Arch
Misaki Atrium Arch
Name in Japanese御崎アトリウム・アーチ
Rōmaji TranslationMisaki Atoriumu Āchi
Appears InAnime, Light Novels, Manga
Location Statistics
Located inMisaki City

The Misaki Atrium Arch (御崎アトリウム・アーチ Misaki Atoriumu Āchi?) is a tall building which is part of the skyline of Misaki City. It is composed of restaurants and coffee shops on the topmost floors, an art gallery on the bottommost floor, and what seems like a hotel on the middle. The entire building is usually occupied by visitors, seeking its quiet atmosphere.

Yūji Sakai goes on a date with Kazumi Yoshida at this location and he also sees Lamies here for their first formal confrontation. Meanwhile, Shana and Margery Daw also fought here for the first time.


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