Debut (Light Novel)Volume X
Debut (manga)Eternal Song chapter 03
Appears InLight Novels, Manga
Known UsersAsiz
Stored EntitiesLeanan-sidhe
Technical Details

Nachtigall (小夜啼鳥 (ナハティガル) Sayonakidori (Nahatigaru)?, Japanese and German for "Nightingale") is a birdcage-like Treasure Tool that once held the powerful Crimson Denizen known as Leanan-sidhe behind its bars.


Its function was to sing the Power of Unrestraint that was desired by the owner. This Treasure Tool played an instrumental role in Asiz's Grand Scheme. During the final battle between the Flame Haze and Töten Glocke, Leanan-sidhe was able to break free from her imprisonment, thus rendering Nachtigall useless.


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