Nine Eternal Divine Scales
Name in Japanese九垓天秤
Rōmaji TranslationKugaitenbin
Known UsersTöten Glocke
Technical Details

Nine Eternal Divine Scales (九垓天秤 Kugaitenbin?) is a Treasure Tool held within a fortress at Brocken, used by the Töten Glocke.


The Treasure Tool takes the form of giant scale with nine plates, namely the Werkschale (大皿(ヴァークシャーレ) Ōzara (Vākushāre)?, "Large Plates"). It is said to share the Power of Existence between Denizens who stand on them, and the size of the plates can change to accommodate the size of the user.

It is destroyed along with the fortress when Alastor manifests himself into the world via Divine Summoning.


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