Norman Purcell (ノーマン・パーセル Nōman Pāseru?) is the Flame Haze who attended the Flame Haze's Civil War during the nineteenth century. His title is "Splitter of Ice Fog" (氷霧の削ぎ手 Hyōmu no Sogite?). He made a contract with the Crimson Lord named Thrym, who expressed his will through a Vessel called Jökull.


Norman is a man of northern European descent. He has short spiky hair and a beard. He wears a leather jacket, loincloth and gaiters resembling those of the the Native Americans he commands. He also dons a cloak that uses Jökull, Thrym's Vessel, as a fastener.




Although he was a white person, Norman joined the Four Gods of Earth's side and led his troop called the "Paducah", which consisted of many Native American tribes such as Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne and Pawnee.


His troop was responsible for the battle that resulted in the destruction of Billy Hawken's village. Later, half of his troop was killed by Billy and the other half was devoured by Friagne. Norman managed to injure Billy and Friagne but got himself shot by the Trigger Happy created by the two; he was the first victim of this Treasure Tool.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has the power to create ice weapons and split himself into many clones.

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Ax: Norman creates an ice axe on his hands or throw it as a projectile. Ax means "axe" in Icelandic.

Geir: Norman creates an ice spear which can extend its spearhead to reach an enemy. Geir is an Icelandic word meaning "spear".

Spegill: Norman splits himself into five people. His real body will emerge only when four of them are destroyed. Spegill means "mirror" in Icelandic.




  • His surname is a reference to one of the greatest English composers, Henry Purcell.
  • His first name is also related to the Normans, who were descended from the Norse Viking people, which is where Thrym (the name of the Frost Giant king from Norse mythology) comes from.
  • Thrym's Vessel and Norman's Power of Unrestraint names are all words of Icelandic origin.




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