NorthAir (ノースエア Nōsuea?) is one of the oldest Flame Haze who joined the battle against the Snake of the Festival and one of the few who know the true cause behind the distortion between two worlds. He is also the teacher of the four Native American Flame Haze widely known as The Four Gods of Earth. His alias called by his pupils is the Heart of Sky (宙の心臓 Sora no Shinzō?).






He and his contracted Crimson LordHuitzilopochtli, trained the Four Gods of Earth at the ancient cave known as the "Heart of Earth" (大地の心臓 Daichi no Shinzō?) since they were human. Living inside the cave, he started deteriorating physically and mentally as times went by.


During the invasion from white people, the Four Gods of Earth started wondering whether they should interfere with the matters of humans or not after their kin were slaughtered by the invaders and sickness they brought from outer lands. When the four Flame Haze came to ask their teacher for guidance, he was in a dried corpse-like state, dying. NorthAir finally perished, leaving a guidance for them to look and determine their decisions by themselves.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like his pupils, the Four Gods of Earth, NorthAir possesses the Power of Unrestraint to turn the unstable Power of Existence into stable state; in his case, he turns it into ashes.[1]


  • (To the Four Gods of Earth in volume SIII): "You four are the enlightened ones. Those entrusted with the truth of everything."


  • He is mentioned by Khamsin Nbh'w, who, while recounting the Ancient War in volume 20, called him and his contracted Crimson Lord "the Priest from the Heart of Earth" and "the Gold that Controls Heaven" respectively.
  • The Kanji character 宙 in his name is usually read as "chū", normally meaning "the universe or space". However, it can also be read as "sora", a homonym to 空 (a common Kanji for "sky").
  • The name "Heart of Sky" appears to be derived from the Mayan creation myth.[2]



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