Name in Japaneseオベリスク
Rōmaji TranslationOberisuku
CreatorsDantalion, Sarachael
Technical Details

Obelisk (オベリスク Oberisuku?) or, Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 27071-Wedge of Rupture (我学の結晶エクセレント27071-穿破の楔 Gagaku no Kesshō Ekuserento 27071-Senpa no Kusabi?) was a Treasure Tool created by Dantalion and Sarachael.


Dantalion and Sarachael spent six years creating this Treasure Tool in an underground base at Mauna Loa, a volcano that is located on Hawaiʻi Island.

Using this Treasure Tool, they intend to launch an Unrestricted Spell that will work with in conjunction with Sarachael's abilities to transmit his image, and voice all over the world.

It was later destroyed by Seere Habichtsburg, Chiara Toscana, and the Engaged Link.


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