Name in Japanese 荻原
Rōmaji Translation Ogiwara
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Episode 03 (cameo)
Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 10 (credited as "Girl B")[1][2]
Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 11 (as Ogiwara)
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuka Iguchi
Voice Actor (English) Lara Woodhull (FUNimation)[3]
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Class Human
Affiliation/s Misaki Municipal High School (student)

Ogiwara (荻原 Ogiwara?) is an anime original character and student in Yūji's class, Class 1-2 at Misaki Municipal High School.


Ogiwara is a young girl with black hair in a short bob cut. She has a light complexion and blue eyes.


Ogiwara appears to be nice and likes to gossip with Sasaki and other girls.


In the first season Ogiwara sits at the front of the class, behind Sasaki,[4] whereas in the second season, she is seen sitting behind Sugano, later Fumina Konoe, and in front of Sugano's new seat.[5]


Friagne ArcEdit

Ogiwara is seen talking to another girl when Sasaki joins them.[6]

Aizen Siblings ArcEdit

Laugh Mr Okada necktie

Ogiwara and other classmates laughing at Mr. Okada's necktie

Ogiwara is seen talking to Sasaki about buying swimsuits after the class had all received tickets to Misaki Waterland from Hayato Ike. She is one of the ones laughing when Shana criticizes Mr. Okada's necktie while leaving the class.[4]

Shakugan no Shana SPEdit

Ogiwara is seen with the other girls of class 1-2 in the shrine onsen.[7]

Misago Festival ArcEdit

Ogiwara talks with another girl during lunch break at school.[8]

Ogiwara is talking to another girl about her new yukata for the Misago Festival when the two notice Shana running out of the school gate.[9]

Mare ArcEdit

Ogiwara is seen eating lunch with Sasaki and Sugano.[10]

Fumina Konoe ArcEdit

Ogiwara, along with the rest of the class, are puzzled by Fumina Konoe's behavior on her first few days of school.[5]

She was later seen having fun during the water fight between Matake Ogata and Eita Tanaka while the class was cleaning the school's pool.[11]

Seishū Festival ArcEdit

Sasaki and Ogiwara talk to Kazumi 2

Sasaki and Ogiwara congratulating Kazumi

Ogiwara and Sasaki congratulate Kazumi Yoshida for obtaining the role of Juliet for the Seishū Festival parade. She is aware that Kazumi, Shana and Fumina are fighting over Yūji. The two were pleased when Kazumi admits being happy to play Juliet.[12]

Ogiwara is among those who watch as Kimiko Nakamura finishes the Cowardly Lion costume and has Eita Tanaka try it on. The next day, she praises Fumina's for her recital of Romeo's lines.[13]

Admiration Shana Dorothy

Ogiwara among the girls who admire Shana

On the first day of the festival, Ogiwara and some other girls admire Shana wearing the Dorothy costume. She is at the award ceremony watching as the number-one girl Shana begins her speech before getting caught in a twister.[14]

The day after the parade, Ogiwara, Sugano and Sasaki are clearing the costumes and don't recognize the wizard costume, which was worn by Fumina Konoe.[15]

Creation of Xanadu ArcEdit

Ogiwara reads a magazine with Sugano before school starts the day after the creation of Xanadu.[16]





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