Name in Japaneseオストローデ
Rōmaji TranslationOsutorōde
Debut (Light Novel)Volume I
Volume X (named)
Appears InLight Novels
Location Statistics
Located inHuman World

Osterode (オストローデ Osutorōde?) is a city in Germany which is known as the starting place of the Great War of the Middle Ages. It is located in an open field, and so was regarded as a hard terrain to protect during the war.

As there was a chance that large quantities of Torches would be created, Osterode become a battle zone between Töten Glocke and the Flame Haze, as well as any other organization of hostile Crimson Lords, before it was eventually extinguished by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz's Unrestricted Spell, City Devourer.

As Osterode was completely erased from existence, a normal human would think that it never existed because there would be no record of it. However, for stakeholders of the Crimson Realm, such as the Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, it is a well-known city, and had become known as a Maelstrom of Warfare.


  • Osterode seems to be based on the town Osterode am Harz in Germany. It is in the Harz mountain range, of which the highest peak is Brocken.

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