Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia
Name in Japanese ウートレンニャヤ
Rōmaji Translation Wutorennyaya
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 15
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ikumi Hayama
Voice Actor (English) Morgan Garrett (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Forerunner of Daybreak" and "Successor of Twilight"
Vessel Zorya
Contracted to Karl Berwald (Former)
Chiara Toscana (Present)
Contractor's Title "Archer of Aurora"
Affiliation/s Flame Haze
Color of Flame Aurora
Status Active

Outreniaia (ウートレンニャヤ Wutorennyaya?) and Vetcherniaia (ヴェチェールニャヤ Vechērunyaya?) are the Crimson Lords who are bound to the Flame Haze with the title of "Archer of Aurora".




Outreniaia has a voice of woman and speaks in seductive manner. On the other hand, Vetcherniaia has a voice of girl and speaks in good cheer.

Although their two personalities are markedly different, Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia share a same body.


In the First Great War against the Töten Glocke, the title Archer of Aurora was held by Karl Berwald. While he was pursuing a retreating army he was killed by Sydonay of Bal Masqué. Then as years past, the successor of the title Archer of Aurora was held by a girl name Chiara Toscana.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • (Vetcherniaia to Chiara): "As expected to Chiara, you're cool!"


  • Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia, or Utrennyaya and Vechernyaya, are the Morning Star and Evening Star respectively from Slavic Mythology. These two guardian goddesses are known as the Auroras, which is referenced in the title for Chiara Toscana, and the Zorya, which is referenced in the name of their Vessel.[1]
  • The pair is one of two Crimson Denizens who contracted with two Flame Haze throughout the series: Karl Berwald and Chiara Toscana. The other is the Crimson God of Punishment, Alastor.




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