Paula Klecki
Name in Japanese パウラ・クレツキー
Rōmaji Translation Paura Kuretsukī
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Flame Haze
Title "Appointer of Assistance"
Contracted to Dziewona
Contractor's True Name"Spearhead of Crowd"
Affiliation/s Outlaw
Color of Flame Walnut brown
Status Deceased

Paula Klecki (パウラ・クレツキー Paura Kuretsukī?) is a member of the Dorel Party. She is good friends with Seere and is the one who sends Chiara, a recently contracted Flame Haze, to be his pupil during late 19th century. Her title is "Appointer of Assistance" (従佐の指し手 Jyūsa no Sashite?). Wielding a flute-shaped Vessel, Paula has gained the nickname "Self-Accompanist" (弾き語り Hikigatari?) by some people, including Shana, with whom she is acquainted.





Years later, while being ambushed by Bal Masqué at their base, she is killed along with other members of the Dorel Party including their leader.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Her name is a homage to Paul Kletzki, a Polish conductor and composer. Klecki is original spelling in Polish, while Kletzki is the German spelling when he moved to live in Germany.
  • Her title and Dziewona's Vessel, both its shape (flute) and name (Lokator), refers to the legend of the mysterious death of many children of Hamelin which some speculations said that it is the work of a piper. Emigration theory, omitting the piper's role entirely, suggest that the children are actually unemployed youths who were recruited by people known as Lokators; Lokators are medieval sub-contractor who do the clearing, survey and apportionment of land that is to be settled. They hire settler for these lands and provide them assistance including the means of subsistence and agricultural implements during the transitional period. Thus, these Lokators play a major role in establishing new towns and villages.



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