Pietro Monteverdi (ピエトロ・モンテベルディ Pietoro Monteberudi?) is the Flame Haze who, along with Dorel Kubelík, makes a revolutionary change on Outlaw. He has the title "Listener of the Infinitude" (无窮の聞き手 Mukyū no Kikite?).


Pietro is a man of Genoese descent. He has black hair and moustache with drooping eyes.


Pietro is a cheerful and sociable man, but is also widely known among Flame Haze as a womanizer and talkative person.


As the pivotal Flame Haze of the Outlaw network, he and his company, along with Dorel's, are firstly destroyed by Bal Masqué to cut their travelling means before the Grand Order commences. He starts as the head for arranging transportation in Mediterranean sea. With other leading officers, they are called the "Monteverdi's Choir" (モンテベルディのコーロ?). His support on transportation for Flame Haze for centuries makes their journey throughout the world more convenient than taking their own way of transportation.


He was responsible for sending Wilhelmina on a mission in Central China that eventually led to her encounter with the Engage Link. Shortly after that, he greeted the girl of Nietono no Shana at Genoa and gave her a task to help fellow Flame Haze, Cecilia Rodrigo.

His organization was destroyed along with Dorel's by the hand of Bal Masqué.



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