Psalm of the Grand Order
Name in Japanese大命詩篇
Rōmaji TranslationTaimei Shihen
Appears InAnime, Light Novels, Manga
InventorsSnake of the Festival
Known UsersSnake of the Festival, Hecate, Yūji Sakai, Asiz, Sabrac
Technical Details
Related Unrestricted SpellsSaiki Reisō

The Psalm of the Grand Order (大命詩篇 Taimei Shihen?) is the spell responsible for the creation of the various laws that govern the paradise Xanadu. Though, that is not the only purpose of it, it was also used to grant Yūji Sakai the ability to wield the powers of the Snake of the Festival.[1]


The Snake of the Festival labored on this spell during the time he was trapped within the Abyss, persistently forwarding it to Hecate. During later events, when the Flame Haze Margery Daw, and Sale Habichtsburg analyze the Psalm they find that the insignia for it holds about 82 different Unrestricted Spells, and Gizo remarks that it would have taken decades to analyze it without a certain "secret item".[2]

By the request from Bal Masqué, Dantalion had been in charge of deciphering of the Psalm. However he once took arbitrarily some (at least two) old part of the Psalm out, modified it needlessly for his experiments, soon afterward lost interest and unceremoniously parted with it. One of the stolen Psalm was eventually passed into Asiz's hand, becoming the keystone of his "Grand Scheme".


  • The Psalm of the Grand Order was first revealed in the eighth light novel volume and named in the tenth. It was not featured in the first season of the anime.



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