Qadesh's Blood Seal
Name in Japaneseカデシュの血印
Rōmaji TranslationKadeshu no Ketsuin
Debut (Light Novel)Volume VI
Appears InLight Novel, Anime
Known UsersKhamsin Nbh'w
Technical Details
Related Unrestricted SpellsQadesh's Heart Chamber
Qadesh's Blood Pulse
Rubble Giant
Ra's Throwing Stone
Fist of Aten
Set's Wheel

Qadesh's Blood Seal (カデシュの血印 Kadeshu no Ketsuin?) is an Unrestricted Spell frequently used by the Flame Haze, "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w.


Qadesh's Blood Seal is an Unrestricted Spell Insignia of burning brown flames that is the fulcrum in giving Khamsin the power to control his "Ceremonial Equipment" (Rubble Giant). It is produced from the energy flow that is Qadesh's Blood Pulse.

This insignia which can control carved objects is able to carve and burn surrounding objects, and connects them to Qadesh's Heart Chamber, which was created from Qadesh's Blood Pulse, allowing the Giant to be controlled.


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