Qiong Qi
Name in Japanese 窮奇
Rōmaji Translation Kyūki
Personal Info
Gender Unknown
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Exceedingly Piercing Halberd"
Vessel Jian Mu
Contracted to Ji Chong
Affiliation/s Flame Haze
Color of Flame Turmeric-colored
Status Active

Qiong Qi (窮奇 Kyūki?, Pinyin: Qióng Qí) is the Crimson Lord who is bound to Ji Chong. Their true name is "Exceedingly Piercing Halberd" (突軼の戟 Totsuitsu no Geki?).











Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • While Ji Chong, is mentioned (name only) in the novel, his Contracted Crimson Lord's name has not been mentioned in any sources up until it is on the list of Flame Haze published in Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan.
  • According to an ancient Chinese classic text Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经 Pinyin: Shānhǎijīng?), Qiong Qi is one of the Four Fiends (四凶 Pinyin: Sì Xiōng?) along with Hundun, Taotie and Taowu. it takes the form of an ox with hedgehog-like spines and it barks like a dog. However, in other chapter of the same text describes the creature differently; it explain Qiong Qi as a man-eating tiger with a pair of wing. Other sources say that Qiong Qi is very intelligent and devious. It likes to listen to people's argument, but the creature will eat the more sensible man instead. Qiong Qi also bites off virtuous people's nose, but catches beasts to be tribute for vicious people.




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