Révolution (革正団 (レボルシオン) Seikakudan (Reborushion)?, "Truth Reformation Group") is a group of Crimson Denizens who oppose the use of the Seal and want to reveal their existence to the human world. They refer to themselves as "The assembly of those who will, by using their supernatural powers, disillusion people and reform the world. (超常の力を振るい、以て迷妄を啓き、世を改める団?)".


They are not actually a solid organization with specific headquarters. Rather, they are a group of Crimson Denizens who share the same belief throughout the world, thus calling themselves members of Révolution. The Révolution has no leader; they refer to each other as "Comrades" (同志 Dōshi?).


It's not known exactly when they or their doctrine originated. The earliest signs of their activities was distribution of newspapers about "The Truth of This World" in Paris in the 1840s.

In the 1850s, Flame Haze Outlaw came to hear the rumors about strange Crimson Denizens; One who opposes the use of Seal, one who disclosed 'the truth of this world' in human's assembly, one who has a serial publication in the newspaper.

In 1862, just before the outbreak of the Flame Haze Civil War, some powerful Crimson Lords, that identified themselves as 'Révolution', blitzed the peace conference of Sovereign's Game convention in Austria and robbed Players of their classified information and Treasure Tools.

A few days after, Révolution exposed the places where these organizations' bases are located, through the newspaper. Outlaw succeeded in crushing many mighty organizations, but also was severely damaged by the retaliatory attacks. This incident caused the dissolution of Sovereign's Game.

Known MembersEdit


  • While staying at Seireiden as Bal Masqué's leader, Yūji Sakai had been reading many books in their library. He is affected by the doctrine of Révolution that humans and Crimson Denizens can coexist with each other. With Shana by his side, he goes to Xanadu to spread their belief.


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