The Révolution War (対"革正団"戦争 Tai "Reborushion" Sensō?, The War Against Révolution) is the conflict against the ideal of concealing the existence of Flame Haze and Crimson Denizen.


Since the creation of the Fūzetsu by Leanan-sidhe, both Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens have been fighting within the separated dimension; only few know of this "invisible" war. The widespread Power of Unrestraint infuriates some of the Denizens. They desire to be acknowledged by humanity and start the war (without the usage of the Seal) against everyone who opposes them: Flame Haze or even their own kin.




Flame Haze


Bal Masqué (Temporarily makes a pact with Flame Haze to annihilate Révolution)

Primary Goal
Reveal to the world the existence of Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens To defeat the Révolution
  • Flame Haze are victorious.
  • Révolution is annihilated.
  • Alex and Denis are killed in the war.
  • Sophie leaves the battlefield after her best subordinates' death.
  • Ribesal meets Ernest Flieder for the first time.
  • People start referring to Flame Haze by the contractors' name instead of the Crimson Lords' name first.
  • Révolution's ideal is kept inside many encripted books. Later on, Yūji Sakai reads one of these books in Seireiden and this starts his belief that humans and Crimson Denizens can coexist in Xanadu.
  • In Hawaii, the Révolution's plan is thwarted.
  • Dantalion successfully escapes and Doog survives.


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