Regular Sharp
Regular Sharp
Name in Japaneseレギュラー・シャープ
Rōmaji TranslationRegyurā Shāpu
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Episode 03
Debut (manga)Chapter 05
Appears InAnime, Manga, Light Novels
Known UsersFriagne, Marianne
Technical Details

Regular Sharp (レギュラー・シャープ Regyurā Shāpu?), is a Treasure Tool used by both Friagne and his Rinne Marianne, takes the shape of a deck of cards. When desired, the cards increase in number into an indefinite amount, forming a vortex in which a volley of energy bolts appear to attack multiple opponents.


Regular Sharp

Regular Sharp in action

This tool was originally made by a human who was extremely enthusiastic about Tarot divination and his Denizen friend , as "automatic shuffling cards", not as a weapon. In the beginning, it had the form of Tarot. But as times changed, its form changed to playing cards.

This tool later used as a weapon by Marianne to fight against Shana but later it was destroyed badly by Shana and this leads to Marianne's defeat. When Friagne comes to the rescue his favorite Rinne, he recovered Marianne and Regular Sharp.


  • The writing below the ace on the front of Regular Sharp reads "Φιναλ Χαρδ", or "Final Card" in the Greek alphabet. These are not the actual Greek words for that phrase, but rather the English phrase approximately transliterated into the Greek alphabet.
  • The symbols surrounding the eye detail on the back are alchemical symbols, such as those for mercury and sulfur.
  • In the first opening of the anime's first season, the back of the card appears, and is then burnt through by the Shakugan no Shana logo.


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