Rubble Giant
Rubble Giant
Name in Japanese瓦礫の巨人
Rōmaji TranslationGareki no Kyojin
Debut (Light Novel)Volume VII
Appears InLight Novels, Anime
Known UsersKhamsin Nbh'w
Technical Details
Related Unrestricted SpellsQadesh's Blood Pulse
Qadesh's Blood Seal
Qadesh's Heart Chamber
Fist of Aten
Ra's Throwing Stone

Rubble Giant (瓦礫の巨人 Gareki no Kyojin?), formally known as Ceremonial Equipment (儀装 Gisō?), is an Unrestricted Spell used by "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w. Khamsin uses Rubble Giant for combat. It is created by several Unrestricted Spells, when Khamsin uses the energy flow of Qadesh's Blood Pulse to combine Qadesh's Blood Seal and Qadesh's Heart Chamber.


To create the Rubble Giant, Khamsin needs "materials" which usually are rocks and concrete as its body. He first spreads the spells called the "Qadesh's Blood Seal" on the materials. Then the flame is shot out from the Seals becoming numerous vein-like flame ropes or the "Qadesh's Blood Pulse". The materials are then pulled to Khamsin, who forms the "Qadesh's Heart Chamber" around him, creating the body and limbs of the Rubble Giant. Repairing is possible if there are enough materials in the area.

Usually, during the procedure to create the Giant, Khamsin and Behemoth have a certain speech pattern to activate the spells (like Samuel and Zirnitra). The patterns are:

Khamsin : Ceremonial Equipment.
Behemoth : Preparing Qadesh's Blood Seal.
Khamsin : Launch.
Behemoth : Forming Qadesh's Blood Pulse insignia.
Khamsin : Expand.
Behemoth : Aligning with Qadesh's Blood Pulse insignia.


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