Ito Noizi Art Collection III SO-U-E-N (いとうのいぢ画集III『蒼炎』 -そうえん)- Itō Noizi Gashū III Sōen?) is a 128-page art book by Noizi Itō which was published on August 10, 2009 by ASCII Media Works.


The book features around 100 illustrations, including the ones featured in Shakugan no Shana XI to XIV and S. It also features the artwork that was used on the jackets of the Shakugan no Shana anime DVDs, art from the movie, and illustrations used in various anime magazines. It also contains the short extra story, Ojō-sama no Shana (おじょうさまのしゃな?, Lady Shana).

There are about 60 other illustrations, including the DVD jacket illustrations of the anime version of Nanatsuiro Drops, the jacket of the PS2 game Nanatsuiro Drops Pure!!, various illustrations from Dragon Age Pure, and illustrations from Bee-be-beat it!. There is a portrait illustration by Shoko Nakagawa, as well as illustrations of Sena★Sena, Koihime Musō, and a forest protection poster from Comiket 73. There are also illustrations by Naru Nanao.


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