Ritual-Grounding, Ceremony-Creation
Name in Japanese祭基礼創
Rōmaji TranslationSaiki Reisō
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 23
Debut (Light Novel)Volume XXII
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
Affiliated to Crimson GodSnake of the Festival
Known UsersYuji Sakai
Technical Details
ClassificationDivine Summoning
Required SacrificeThe life of the Priestess
Effects caused by Divine SummonFulfillment of wishes, such as creating a new World

Saiki Reisō (祭基礼創?, Ritual-Grounding, Ceremony-Creation) is a technique unique to the Snake of the Festival and his one-time contractor Yuji Sakai.


It summons the Snake of the Festival's power over "Creation" and "Settlement" to create anything the Denizens desire. This Divine Summoning is used during the final phase of the creation of Xanadu. Like all other Divine Summons, this spell requires a sacrifice for the spell to work. In Snake of the Festival's case: the priestess of The Trinity, Hecate is used as the required sacrifice.


  • The ceremony's name is the usage of the God's true name: Saiki Reisō from his name, Sairei no Hebi.


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