Saishuku no Shadan

Saishuku no Shadan (宰祝の社壇?, Shrine of Ruling Celebration), also known as Shrine of True Ruler (真宰社 Shinsaisha?) is a form of the Treasure Tool, Seireiden, created by "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion. Its official name is Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252570 (我学の結晶エクセレント252570 Gagaku no Kesshō Ekuserento 252570?). It is designed to be a gigantic tower, stronghold and a place for worship and rituals.

The tower had formed by breaking the Seireiden's spires from within. Dantalion calls Saishuku no Shadan, Ultimate Perfect Transformation Superalloy DX (Deluxe) (究極完全変形超合金DX(デラックス) Kyūkyoku kanzen henkei chōgōkin DX (Derakkusu)?).

It was created in the middle of Misaki City, on a high altitude above the Mana River.


  • In the name Dantalion calls Saishuku no Shadan, "Superalloy" (超合金 chōgōkin?) may also refer to a fictitious material in Go Nagai's Mazinger Z. The name was later adopted by Japanese toy manufacturer Popy for their line of die-cast metal robot and character toys.


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