Sanjūshi no Shana
Name in Japanese さんじゅうしのしゃな
Rōmaji Translation Sanjūshi no Shana
Published In Shana
Date of Release August 9, 2013

Sanjūshi no Shana (さんじゅうしのしゃな?, Shana the Three Musketeers) is an original side story by Yashichirō Takahashi which was exclusively published in the Shana art book. Like most stories from the art books, it is not involved with the main story.


All characters in Shakugan no Shana appear together at a certain outdoor theater to watch The Three Musketeers play led by Shana as D'Artagnan and the Trinity as the titular "three musketeers".

Divided into seven acts, along with seven intermissions; in each intermission, several characters appear and explain both historical and fictional details in the play.


Main characters in the playEdit


  • Several Characters


  • All other characters




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