Seishuu Festival

Class 1-2 at the Seishū Festival

The Seishū Festival (清秋祭 Seishū-sai?, Clear Autumn Festival) is a school event of Misaki Municipal High School and is a so-called "School Festival". The festival takes place over two days and is always held on a Saturday and Sunday of early October.

The festival is sponsored not only by the school, but by local shopping malls as well. It is because of this that the Seishū Festival is of a larger scale than most other school festivals. It is a major event in the region and showcases aspects of the area such as business and culture.

It is obligatory for first-year students of the school to present a research paper and participate in activities, Yūji's class (Class 1-2) held a crêperie and decided on researching "The History of Misaki City" (御崎市の歴史 Misaki-shi no Rekishi?).


Opening ParadeEdit

On the first day of the festival, there is an opening parade. For the parade, representatives of each first-year class are to dress-up as characters from famous fairy-tales. They then leave the campus and go to Misaki Station and back, to promote the festival to residents of the city.

Participants of the parade are eligible to enter a costume contest, where the students and shopkeepers of the festival sponsors provide awards and products for the best 10 costumed students as voted by the students.

Class 1-2 held a class discussion in order to determine their representative in the parade. Only Shana had been confirmed as a representative with just her appearance and presence. The others were harder to decide upon and after a lengthy discussion, they settled with the members of the class that Shana is most familiar with (Yūji, Yoshida, Ike, Eita, Keisaku and Matake). With their being four male and three female representatives, it was decided by the School Festival Committee that the class' acts will be Romeo and Juliet and The Wizard of Oz. The assignment of characters with the representatives was decided by drawing lots.


Class 1-2Edit
Class 1-1Edit
Class 1-3Edit

Although the costumes were provided by the school, they were too old to be used and the girls of the class recreated nearly all of them. Wilhelmina Carmel procured the extra fabric required for the costumes' reconstruction, which was divided up between all the classes that needed fabric.


During the festival, Pheles attacked Yūji, requiring the Flame Haze. Near the end of battle, parts of the Tyrant were released from Yūji's body, and had to be suppressed by Hecate and Fecor. The Seishū Festival had caused serious events for Shana and the others.

In the AnimeEdit

Cameos Seishu Festival

The cameos of Siesta (left), Gachapin (center), and Saito (right)

In the anime version, the anime original character, Fumina Konoe was also chosen as a representative in the parade. Despite the change in number of personnel, the class acts remained the same. Fumina received the part of the Wizard from The Wizard of Oz.

Kantarō had not returned to work and thus was able to attend the parade with Chigusa.

Various other costumes were seen at the festival, such as Gachapin, and cameos from characters from Zero no Tsukaima, namely Siesta and Saito Hiraga dressed as a dog.[1] Saito's dog costume is a reference to him being called a dog constantly in Zero no Tsukaima.


  • The Seishū Festival was first mentioned in volume XI of the light novel series.



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