Servant (眷属 Kenzoku?) is the term to classify the Crimson Denizens who serve and support the True Gods of Crimson Realm. Also, some servant's duty is to be the sacrifice for the Divine Summoning, a ceremony to evoke their respected God's authorities. Two of three Crimson Gods, the Snake of the Festival and Shaher, are known to have servants. The other god, Alastor, has no servant since no Crimson Denizens wish to be punished.


At the beginning, Crimson Gods do not have servants; they converse with Crimson Denizens directly and perform their authorities by themselves. Time passes by and the fear of gods spreads among the Denizens, making them hesitate in talking directly to their gods. As a result, Crimson Denizens wish for the mediums to talk to the gods. Answering their wish, the God of Creation writes the "system of servant" into the world's law. With this law applied, he creates his own servants whom become known as the Trinity. Shaher, the God of Guidance, who does not have the power over "creation" and "settlement" (therefore, couldn't "create" her own servants), also utilize the system. She chooses her servants among the Crimson Denizens instead. On the other hand, Crimson Denizens do not wish for the God of Retribution to have someone to help him, making him possess no servants due to the law.[1]

List of ServantsEdit

Below is the list of Crimson Denizens classified as Crimson Gods' servants.

God of CreationEdit

The Snake of the Festival's servants, the Trinity, are created by the God of Creation's authorities. They are sometimes referred as his "family" or "children". The Trinity cannot be permanently destroyed as long as Crimson Denizens exist and wish to the Snake of the Festival; whenever there are enough Denizens who wish the same thing, the servants will manifest and perform the Saiki Reisō to summon the God to answer that wish.

  • Hecate, the Priestess (巫女 Miko?) who first appears after the wish is strong enough for the God of Creation's attention. She is to be sacrificed when the ceremony begins. She will reappear whenever Crimson Denizens desire for something greatly.
  • Sydonay, the General (将軍 Shōgun?) who then appears to protect the Priestess and his master against those who oppose.
  • Bel Peol, the Mediator (審神者 Saniwa?) who lastly appears to organize and conduct the ceremony. After the war of God-slaying, she founded Bal Masqué, an organization solely to support her master's ambition. Later, she changes her post to the Strategist (軍師 Gunshi?) and eventually the Chief of Staff (参謀 Sanbō?).

God of GuidanceEdit

Shaher's servants are chosen by the goddess herself; they are Crimson Denizens brimmed with curiosity and talented in detection skills. They are bound to wander the world, working as her eyes and ears, searching for something new to be told to everyone related to the Crimson Realm. Her servants view their mission as an honorable deed and feel proud to be the sacrifices for the Divine Summoning: Shōhi Ginsei.

They tend to pass their own mystical experience down as minstrel or bard. Since modern times, some of Shaher's servants choose to be musician or singer, but hasn't been popular. [2]

God of RetributionEdit

Without his own mediums, Alastor could choose any Crimson Denizen, with or without their consent, in the perimeter as a sacrifice for the Divine Summoning. Due to this advantage, Alastor's Tenpa Jōsai is the simplest Divine Summoning to be performed among other ceremonies, lacking some requirements such as strong wish or discovery of the new things.

While Alastor has no servants, the Flame Haze could also be viewed as his "supporters" to punish and destroy misbehaved Crimson Denizens.[3]


  • The term "Servant" (眷属 Kenzoku?) has two distinctive meanings: blood relatives or family; follower or retainer. The Snake of the Festival's servants are likely to have the former meaning, while Shaher's servants have the latter meaning.



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