Shōhi Ginsei (嘯飛吟声?, Scattering Roar, Chanting Voice) is a technique that is unique to Shaher and her servants, such as Rofocale.


This distinctive ceremony is performed more than other Divine Summonings. The ceremony's aim is to summon Shaher's voice which is sent to every single person involving the Crimson Realm; Flame Haze and Denizens alike. This voice cannot be blocked meaning everyone will know about the news Shaher announces. The news she had announced includes how to cross the rifts, the existence of the Treasure Tool, a Spell to take human shape and Flame Haze's creation. Shaher will be summoned through sacrifice of her designated servants who roam the world searching for the new thing which has to be informed to everyone. This divine summon is used, when Rofocale discovers the heir to both worlds.


  • The ceremony's name is the usage of the God's true names: Shōhi Ginsei from Shaher's name, Kaku no Shōgin.


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