Name in Japanese シャヘル
Rōmaji Translation Shaheru
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 23
Debut (Light Novel) Volume XV
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yūko Kaida
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Crimson God
True Name"Thunderous Chant of Awakening"
Color of Flame Pure white
Status Active

Shaher (シャヘル Shaheru?) is one of the true Crimson Gods of the Crimson Realm. Her position as the "God of Guidance" (導きの神 Michibiki no Kami?) is to announce any news or knowledge of great importance to every single being related to the Crimson Realm. Her voice will reach everyone, even when they are using an Unrestricted Spell attempting to block it. Shaher's true name is "Thunderous Chant of Awakening" (覚の嘨吟 Kaku no Shōgin?) and her Flame color is "pure white" (純白 junpaku?).


She has no physical form, but instead appears as a voice and pure white-colored light.


She is commented by the Snake of the Festival as the Curious One (珍しがり Mezurashigari?) which likely refers to her curiosity in new and undiscovered things.


Like the God of Creation, Shaher has her own subordinates, but only a few are alive in present time because they had sacrifice themselves in order to summon her. Rofocale is one of her surviving servants who travels around the world searching for a new invention or discovery worthy enough for everyone to know of its existence.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Divine SummoningsEdit


Rofocale is sacrificed to summon the God of Guidance.

Shōhi Ginsei (嘯飛吟声?, Scattering Roar, Chanting Voice): This is a summoning ceremony unique to Shaher and her servants like Rofocale. This ceremony summons Shaher's voice which is sent to every single person involving the Crimson Realm; Flame Haze and Denizens alike. This voice cannot be blocked, meaning everyone will know about the news Shaher announced.




  • Her flame color is described as the "color which bleached everything into transience".
  • Shaher, or Shahar, is the Ugaritic god of dawn in Middle Eastern mythology. Sometimes he is related to Lucifer, who has many names including the "bringer of dawn".
  • Interestingly, Lucifuge Rofocale, whom Rofocale is based on, is the demon that serves Lucifer (or Shaher in the story) in Hell.






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