"Shakugan no Shana-tan Revenge" (灼眼のシャナたん れべんじ Shakugan no Shana-tan Rebenji?) is the ninth episode of Shakugan no Shana-tan, a parody series of Shakugan no Shana. It parodies other J.C.Staff anime, namely Hayate the Combat Butler!!, Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toradora!.


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* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Fumina's memories as a delinquent and joining the school rugby union team is a reference to the 1984 Japanese TV Drama School Wars and its 2004 movie remake, School Wars: Hero.
  • In one segment, Shana-tan is depicted as having the appearance and personality of Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate no Gotoku!. This is because both Shana and Nagi have the same Japanese voice actress, Rie Kugimiya
    • Shana-tan (as Nagi) calls Yūji "Stupid Hayate!", referring to Hayate Ayasaki.

Animation TriviaEdit

  • Nagi Sanzenin is depicted as having brown eyes as opposed to the correct green eyes. This is probably due to Shana's own eye color being brown.



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