Shakugan no Shana Drama Disk
Shakugan no Shana Drama Disk
Release Date June 2004

The Shakugan no Shana Drama Disk (灼眼のシャナ ドラマディスク Shakugan no Shana Dorama Disuku?) is a Drama CD released in June 2004. It is a CD compilation of a weekly radio drama of Shakugan no Shana which aired four episodes between November 29 and December 20, 2003 on Dengeki Taishō.[1] The scenario was an original side-story written by Yashichiro Takahashi, and takes place between the first and second light novel volumes.[2] The cast for the radio drama was different than with the anime adaptations. The CD included an additional audio drama and was eligible for mail orders up to March 31, 2004.[2] The stories were eventually rewritten as the short story Nomad and published in the limited sale volume, Shakugan no Shana M, and later, Shakugan no Shana SIII.



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Season I Openings Hishoku no SoraBeing
Closings Yoake Umarekuru ShōjoAka no SeijakuHishoku no Sora
The Movie Closings Tenjō wo Kakeru Monotachi
Inserts Akai Namida
Season II Openings JointBlaze
Closings TriangleSociometrySense
Inserts Joint
S OVA Series Openings Prophecy
Closings All in Good Time
Inserts Portamento
Season III Openings Light My FireSerment
Closings I'll BelieveOneU/nKōbō
Inserts Akai NamidaHishoku no Sora
Artists Mami KawadaKotokoYōko TakahashiYōko Ishida • Love Planet Five • Altima
Original SoundtrackMovie Original SoundtrackII Original SoundtrackShakugan no Shana -BEST-
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Assorted Shana II Wolf in my heart (Margery Daw) • tough (Khamsin Nbh'w)
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