Shakugan no Shana Episode 24
Crimson Thoughts
Ep 24
Name in Japanese 紅蓮の想い
Rōmaji Translation Guren no Omoi
Adapted From Anime Original
Release Date March 23, 2006
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Episode Director Shigeru Ueda, Takashi Ikehata
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Episode 23
Next Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 01
Theme Songs
Opening Being by KOTOKO
Insert None
Ending Hishoku no Sora by Mami Kawada

Crimson Thoughts (紅蓮の想い Guren no Omoi?) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana.


After managing to defeat Hecate, the city is about to be destroyed regardless. However, there is one final plan that is to summon Alastor, though Shana's life may be on the line if it succeeds. Thinking that she will die, Shana then confesses her love to Yuji, which he did not hear but caught shape of her mouth saying it. In the end, they both survive and return to Misaki City.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Treasure ToolsEdit



  • Shana: "I love you."




Cultural ReferencesEdit

Animation TriviaEdit



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