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This is a list of the Treasure Tools that appear in the mobile game Shakugan no Shana Fūzetsu Battle.

In the game, numerous Treasure Tools can be obtained, and these include ones featured in the Shakugan no Shana story. The Treasure Tools have a rarity assigned from ★1-★4, where ★1-★3 are Treasure Tools original to the game and the most rare ★4 ones are usually Treasure Tools seen in the series. New Treasure Tools are usually added to the game during Event Quests. On July 26, 2016, ★5 Treasure Tools were added to the game.

Treasure Tools are equipped to character units in order to increase their HP, ATK, and DEF points. The amount of Treasure Tools a character can equip depends on the unit's rarity; a R can equip 1, an SR 2, and an SSR can equip 3 Treasure Tools.

The player can use Power of Existence to level them up to a maximum of level 20. Then, if it has a rarity of ★2 or higher, "evolution materials" (進化素材 Shinka Sozai?) can be used to upgrade the Treasure Tool and increase the maximum level the Treasure Tool can reach. ★2's can be upgraded once, ★3's twice, and ★4's three times. The maximum level of a fully upgraded ★4 is level 80. If the same Treasure Tool is acquired again by the player, it automatically upgrades the one owned previously, increasing the amount of HP, ATK, and DEF points they add to the unit they are equipped to.

Shakugan no Shana Treasure ToolsEdit

All of the Treasure Tools in the game originating from the series have a ★4 rarity.

Special Treasure ToolsEdit

The Special Treasure Tools (特別宝具 Tokubetsu Hōgu?) are five ★5 Treasure Tools that are especially strong and require far more evolution materials to evolve than regular Treasure Tools. They can be obtained for 20 silver crystals.

Original Treasure ToolsEdit

The Treasure Tools which are original to Fūzetsu Battle are mostly based on historical or mythological items.

FB Ice Brook
Ice Brook (アイス・ブルック Aisu Burukku?)
FB Light-Stealing Incense
Light-Stealing Incense (明奪香?)
FB Brionac
Brionac (ブリューナク Buryūnaku?) Brionac is a magic, living spear owned by the Irish deity Lugh, which was said to be impossible to overcome.
An alternative spelling for Lugh is Lug. Lug is the name of the Crimson Lord bound to George.
FB Hinotori no Hane
Feather of a Phoenix (火の鳥の羽根 Hinotori no Hane?) A Phoenix is a bird from Greek mythology that is reborn from its own ashes when it dies.
It could also refer to the feathers of a Firebird of Slavic folklore, which continue to glow with flames after they have been removed.
Fuzetsu Battle Maneki-neko
Maneki-neko (招き猫?, "beckoning cat") The Maneki-neko is a common Japanese lucky charm or talisman which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.
FB Raziel no Sho
Book of Raziel (ラジエルの書 Rajieru no Sho?) Sefer Raziel HaMalakh (Book of Raziel the Angel) is a medieval grimoire supposedly revealed to Adam and Eve by the archangel Raziel.
FB Christmas Cake
Christmas Cake (クリスマスケーキ Kurisumasukēki?) 2015 Christmas login reward. A parody of Orgel.
FB Ame-no-Habakiri
Ame-no-Habakiri (天羽々斬?, lit. "Snake-Slayer of Takamagahara") The Ame-no-Habakiri was a Totsuka-no-Tsurugi sword used by the Shinto god of the sea and storms, Susanoo, to slay Yamata no Orochi, a Japanese dragon with eight snake heads and tails.
FB Shana no Bathtowel
Shana's Bath Towel (シャナのバスタオル Shana no Basutaoru?) Released with the limited event, Coincidence and Inevitability, which depicts Shana with a bath towel using the illustration for the unit, "Look of Contempt" Shana.
FB Raitei
Raitei (雷霆?, Thunder)
FB Draupnir
Draupnir (ドラウプニル Doraupuniru?) In Norse mythology, Draupnir is a gold ring possessed by the god Odin with the ability to multiply itself.
FB Kansho Bakuya
Kanshō and Bakuya (干将・莫耶?) Kanshō and Bakuya (干将・莫耶?) is the Japanese name for Gan Jiang and Mo Ye (干將・莫邪?), two swords named after the swordsmith couple who forged them. They were featured in the Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yue, a historical text of events from the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.
FB Glamdring
Glamdring (グラムドリング Guramudoringu?) Glamdring is a sword featured in works of J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, namely The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Unfinished Tales.
FB Vajra
Vajra (ヴァジュラ Vajura?) Vajra, meaning thunderbolt and diamond in Sanskrit, is a club-like weapon used as a symbol for the irresistible force of a thunderbolt and the indestructibility of diamond in the Indian religions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.
FB Yasakani no Magatama
Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊勾玉?) The Yasakani no Magatama is one of the Three Sacred Treasures, which are also known as the Imperial Regalia of Japan. It is a Jewel which represents the virtue of benevolence. A magatama is a curved bead-like jewel which originated near the end of the Jōmon period of Japan (approximately 1000 BC) and are referred to numerous times in Shinto mythology.
FB Basho-sen
Bashō-sen (芭蕉扇?, lit. "Banana Palm Fan") The Bashō-sen is one of the five treasured tools of the Golden and Silver Horned Kings (Kinkaku and Ginkaku) in the Chinese classical novel, Journey to the West.
FB Shikaihei
Shikaihei (四海瓶?, lit. "Bottle of the Four Seas")
FB Koyohojo
Kōyōhōjō (降妖宝杖?, lit. "Monster Subduing Treasured Staff") Kōyōhōjō is the Monk's spade wielded by Sha Wujing (Sa Gojō), one of the four main characters of Journey to the West.
FB Adamasu no Kama
Adamant Sickle (アダマスの鎌 Adamasu no Kama?) In Greek Mythology, Cronus castrated his father Uranus using an adamant sickle given to him by his mother Gaia. An adamantine sickle or sword was also used by the hero Perseus to decapitate the Gorgon Medusa while she slept.
FB Shichishito
Seven-Branched Sword (七支刀 Shichishitō?) The Seven-Branched Sword was a gift from the king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, who bestowed it upon a Yamato ruler during the reign of the semi-mythical Empress Jingū.
FB Hotengageki
Fangtian Huaji (方天画戟 Hōtengageki?) The Fangtian Huaji was the ji polearm used by the Chinese military general and warlord Lü Bu in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
FB Charlemagne no Gofu
Talisman of Charlemagne (シャルルマーニュの護符 Sharurumānyu no Gofu?) The Talisman of Charlemagne is an amulet which once belonged to Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor. The Talisman contains a fragment of the True Cross.
FB Itenken
Heaven Reliant Sword (倚天剣 Itenken?) The Heaven Reliant Sword is the titular "Heaven Sword" in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, the third installment in the Condor Trilogy of wuxia novels. In the story, whoever possesses the Dragon Slaying Saber will rule the world and only the one who possesses the Heaven Reliant Sword can stand against them.
FB Thyrsus
Thyrsus (テュルソス Tyurusosu?) A Thyrsus is a staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines and leaves. It is a symbol of the Greek god Dionysus, and can be used to destroy those who oppose his cult and the freedoms he represents.
FB Brísingamen
Brísingamen (ブリーシンガメン Burīshingamen?) Brísingamen is the torc or necklace of the goddess Freyja in Norse mythology.
FB Apollon no Tategoto
Apollo's Lyre (アポロンの竪琴 Aporon no Tategoto?) A lyre is an Ancient Greek harp-like instrument which was first created by the god Hermes for Apollo, the god of music, in Greek mythology.
FB Risanaut
Risanaut (リサナウト Risanauto?) An axe wielded by a giant in the Sagas of Icelanders.
FB Pinaka
Pinaka (ピナカ Pinaka?) Pinaka is another name for the Trishula, the Hindu-Buddhist trident wielded by the Hindu God Shiva.
FB Gesar no Hoken
Treasured Sword of Gesar (ゲセルの宝剣 Geseru no Hōken?) The sword wielded by the hero Gesar in the Tibetan epic, the Epic of King Gesar.
FB Fushi no Koromo
Garment of Immortality (不死の衣 Fushi no Koromo?) A piece of clothing belonging to Morgan le Fay in Arthurian legend.
FB Talaria
Talaria (タラリア Tararia?) Talaria are the winged sandals worn by the Greek messenger god Hermes.
FB Gambanteinn
Gambanteinn (ガンバンテイン Ganbantein?) Gambanteinn, meaning 'magic wand' in Old Norse, appears in the Poetic Edda.
FB Galatine
Galatine (ガラテイン Garatein?) Galatine was the sword given to Sir Gawain by the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend.
FB Angelica no Yubiwa
Angelica's Ring (アンジェリカの指輪 Anjerika no Yubiwa?) A ring possessed by Angelica, princess of Cathay in the legends of Charlemagne. It rendered its wearer immune to all enchantments. When placed in the mouth, the ring rendered the user invisible.
FB Ridill
Ridill (リジル Rijiru?) Ridill was a sword used by the dwarf Regin in Norse Mythology.
FB Kenkonken
Kenkonken (乾坤圏?, lit. "Heaven and Earth Circle") Kenkonken is a chakram of great power wielded in Taoist mythology by Nezha.
FB Blink
Blink (ブリンク Burinku?)
FB Naglfar
Naglfar (ナグルファル Nagurufaru?) In Norse mythology, Naglfar is a boat made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. It is foretold that it will ferry hordes to battle with the gods in Vígríðr during Ragnarök.
FB Gjallarhorn
Gjallarhorn (ギャラルホルン Gyararuhorun?) Gjallarhorn is a horn associated with the god Heimdallr and the wise being Mímir in Norse mythology.
FB Shoyokyo
Shōyōkyō (照妖鏡?) "Shoyokyo" (also called "Shoyokan") was a mirror that revealed the original shape of the subject that appeared in "Feng-Shen-Yen-I" (Investiture of the Gods), a bizarre tale created in the Ming dynasty of China.
One of the stories of "Feng-Shen-Yen-I" features Nüwa, a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology and the former name of Hecate.
FB Eurytus' Bow
Eurytus' Bow (エウリュトスの弓 Euryutosu no Yumi?) Eurytus is a famed archer in Greek mythology who challenged his grandfather, the god of archery Apollo. Eurytus was killed by Apollo and his bow was passed down to Odysseus.
FB Pnakotic Manuscripts
Pnakotic Manuscripts (ナコト写本 Nakoto Shahon?) The Pnakotic Manuscripts are manuscripts in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos which predate the origin of man.
FB Caduceus
Caduceus (ケーリュケイオン Kēryukeion?, Greek "kērukeion") Caduceus is a staff carried by the heralds Hermes Trismegistus of Egyptian mythology and Hermes of Greek mythology. It is a short staff with wings and two serpents entwined around it.
FB Crimall
Crimall (クリヴァル Kurivaru?) Crimall is another name for the Lúin of Celtchar, possibly another of Lugh's spears.
FB Tyrfing
Tyrfing (ティルフィング Tirufingu?) Tyrfing is the cursed sword of Svafrlami in Norse mythology.
FB Weise
Weise (ヴァイゼ Vaize?)
FB Gin no ojo
Silver Scepter (銀の王杖 Gin no ōjō?)
FB Trident
Trident (トライデント Toraidento?) Part of the collaboration with Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei School Magicus Battle.
Trident is the weapon of Tatsuya Shiba.
FB Kutune Shirka
Kutune Shirka (クトネシリカ Kutoneshirika?) Kutune Shirka is the name of a magic sword in the yukar epic of the same name of the native Ainu people of Japan.
FB Madoi no Chicken
Illusive Chicken (惑いのチキン Madoi no Chikin?) 2015 Christmas login reward. A parody of the Illusive Birds.
FB Necronomicon
Necronomicon (ネクロノミコン Nekuronomikon?) Necronomicon is a grimoire featured in H. P. Lovecraft's stories.
FB Svalinn
Svalinn (スヴェル Suveru?) Svalinn is a legendary shield which stands before the sun in Norse mythology.
FB The Dagda's Club
The Dagda's Club (ダグザの棍棒 Daguza no Konbō?) The Dagda is an Irish god who wields a magic club. The club is supposed to be able to kill nine men with one blow; but with the handle he could return the slain to life.
FB Crown of thorns
Crown of thorns (茨の冠 Ibara no Kanmuri?) The Crown of thorns was placed on Jesus before his crucifixion.
FB Ten'nyo no Hagoromo
Robe of Feathers of the Celestial Maiden (天女の羽衣 Ten'nyo no Hagoromo?) Refers to the robes which are usually made by Japanese swan maidens, such as the one in the folktale, Tsuru no Ongaeshi.
FB Uchide no Kozuchi
Magic Wishing Mallet (打ち出の小槌 Uchide no Kodzuchi?, lit. "striking-out [little] hammer") Uchide no kozuchi is a legendary Japanese magic hammer that can "tap out" anything wished for. It featured in the legend Issun-bōshi.
FB Reishi
Reishi (レイシ?)
FB Andvaranaut
Andvaranaut (アンドヴァラナウト Andovaranauto?) In Norse mythology, Andvaranaut is a magical ring owned by Andvari that can make gold.
FB Almace
Almace (アルマス Arumasu?) Almace is the sword of Turpin, Archbishop of Reims in The Song of Roland, the oldest surviving major work of French literature.
FB Brackenseil
Brackenseil (ブラッケンザイル Burakkenzairu?) Brackenseil is the bejeweled leash attached to the dog Gardevias.
FB Amanokagoyumi
Amanokagoyumi (天鹿児弓?)
FB Umegai
Umegai (ウメガイ?) An Umegai is a sword-like tool used by the Sanka people, an outcaste people living in mountainous regions of Honshu, Japan.
FB Shoes of Víðarr
Shoes of Víðarr (ヴィーダルの靴 Vīdaru no Kutsu?) Víðarr is a Norse god depicted with thick shoes, who avenged his father Odin's death by killing the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarök. The shoes gave him unparalleled foot protection.
FB Sigurshandskar
Sigurshandskar (シールスハンスカル Shīrusuhansukaru?) Norse gloves of victory.
FB Tapis Volant
Tapis Volant (タピ・ヴォラン Tapi Voran?) Tapis Volant is French for magic carpet. A magic carpet features in One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folktales which was first translated by Europeans in French.

FB Chanunpa Fire

FB Chanunpa Water

FB Chanunpa Wind

FB Chanunpa Light

FB Chanunpa Darkness

Chanunpa (チャヌンパ Chanunpa?) Chanunpa is a sacred ceremonial pipe of the Sioux people.
FB Ochain
Ochain (オハン Ohan?) Ochain was the shield of Conchobar mac Nessa, a king in Irish mythology. Ochain went up against the sword Caladbolg.

FB Skarl's Drum Fire

FB Skarl's Drum Water

FB Skarl's Drum Wind

FB Skarl's Drum Light

FB Skarl's Drum Darkness

Skarl's Drum (スカアルの太鼓 Sukaaru no Taiko?) In the fantasy book, The Gods of Pegāna, Skarl created a drum to use as a lullaby for the creator god, Mana-Yood-Sushai.
FB Athame
Athame (アサイミー Asaimī?) Athame is a ceremonial blade in the Wicca religion and it also appeared in the grimoire, Key of Solomon.
The Treasure Tool specializes in attack points.
FB Kakuremino
Kakuremino (隠れ蓑?, Straw Raincoat of Invisibility) The Kakuremino is featured in the Japanese folktale Momotarō. It is a cape of invisibility that Momotarō collects from oni.
The Treasure Tool specializes in hit points (HP).

FB Thousand-Day Liquor poison resistance

FB Thousand-Day Liquor paralysis resistance

FB Thousand-Day Liquor sleep resistance

FB Thousand-Day Liquor darkness resistance

Thousand-Day Liquor (千日酒 Sen-nichi sake?) The Thousand Day Liquor is a liquor which could get one drunk for a thousand days with one cup. It was featured in the Chinese collection of legends, In Search of the Supernatural.


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