Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana Vol. I
Superiority shana 1
Number of Tracks 15
Release Date February 29, 2012
Label Warner Home Video

Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana Vol. I (灼眼のシャナF SUPERIORITY SHANA III Vol.1?) is the first of the Superiority Shana albums and was released on February 29, 2012. It is a Drama CD and a soundtrack album.

Track listEdit

  1. Audio Drama "セレモニー" (Ceremony)
  2. Audio Drama "セレモニー" (Ceremony)
  3. Light My Fire (TV Size)
  4. Shana III
  5. Recommencement
  6. Outre-sentiment
  7. Cette bataille ne peut pas s'éviter
  8. Quelque chose attend à l'intervalle
  9. Rencontre
  10. Champ de bataille
  11. L'intention
  12. Le passé et la vérité
  13. Tranquillité des jours
  14. N'ébranle pas ton sentiment
  15. I'll Believe (TV Size)


  • Track 3: performed by KOTOKO
  • Tracks 4-14: composed and arranged by Kow Otani
  • Track 15: performed by ALTIMA


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