Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana Vol. II
Superiority shana 2
Number of Tracks 16
Release Date April 25, 2012
Label Warner Home Video

Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana Vol. II (灼眼のシャナF SUPERIORITY SHANA III Vol.2) is the second of the Superiority Shana albums and was released on April 25, 2012. It is a Drama CD and a soundtrack album.

Track listEdit

  1. Audio Drama "ヤーニング" (Yearning)
  2. Audio Drama "ヤーニング" (Yearning)
  3. Serment (TV Size)
  4. Dans son Couer
  5. L'intrigue pour atteindre
  6. Tristesse
  7. Le Serpent de la Ceremonie
  8. Dans un but Grand
  9. Les Vocus Eternels
  10. Reunion Militaire
  11. Le Repos Pendant de Bataille
  12. Assurance Pour le Ruse
  13. Resultat
  14. Le Resolution pour Bataille
  15. Un Jour, Mes Sentiments
  16. One (TV Size)



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