Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 02
What Must Come
Name in Japanese 来るべきもの
Rōmaji Translation Kitaru-beki Mono
Adapted From Volume XVI
Release Date October 15, 2011
Production Staff
Screenplay Seishi Minakami
Storyboard Yuuichi Tanaka
Episode Director Masato Jinbou
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 01
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 03
Theme Songs
Opening Light My Fire by KOTOKO
Insert None
Ending I'll Believe by ALTIMA

What Must Come (来るべきもの Kitaru-beki Mono?) is the second episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. Yūji Sakai becomes the new Bal Masque leader and Shana responds to Sophie's letter.



From left: Leraje, Orobas, Sydonay

Outlaw's Shanghai headquarters are in shambles after being assaulted by a Bal Masqué strike team led by Sydonay. He confronts the Flame Haze Yu Xuan high above the ruins, whose contracted Lord Di Hong has met Sydonay in the past during the times when Sydonay went by "Chi You". After a brief duel, Sydonay emerges victorious over Yu Xuan. Sydonay descends onto a rooftop where he is greeted by Orobas and Leraje, who report that the Outlaw Shanghai HQ is now completely eliminated.

In Misaki City, Wilhelmina hands Shana a letter from Sophie Sawallisch. After reading it, Shana goes to be trained in casting Unrestricted Spells by Margery and Marchosias.

In Star of Darkness Castle, there is a gathering as Bal Masqué is about to present their new commander, and announce the next stage of their ambition. Within the great halls, Pirsoyn meets Stolas, whom has returned from his outing with Sydonay, and soon they are joined by Pirsoyn's companion Wanderer: Ribesal. However, Ribesal seems furious with the fact that the new commander of Bal Masqué seems to be a mere ordinary Mystes.


From left: Bel Peol, Sakai Yūji, Hecate.

Elsewhere, the Snake of the Festival is observing a great scenery with Bel Peol, Hecate, and Rofocale. After a brief discussion, Yūji Sakai inquires about the Denizen that visited them previously from Bel Peol; this Denizen was Stolas, the Herald of Bal Masqué, and currently acting as courier for Sydonay. He has reported the complete destruction of Outlaw Shanghai HQ to Bel Peol, who relates the news to Yūji and Snake of the Festival. This leads to Yūji revealing his next move: to meet Shana in Misaki City. After all, she and Alastor could single-handedly put an end to their ambition.

This leads to Bel Peol have doubts about why the Snake of the Festival chose Yūji as his vessel, not the Tyrant. She wonders if the boy's mind has an undue influence in their commander. However, Snake of the Festival reassures her that he will not fail twice. Soon afterwards, Fecor comes to report that the preparations for the commander's presentation are complete, and they embark to Star of Darkness Castle.


Ribelsal kneels down after losing.


Images of Dantalion and Domino appearing.

Within Star of Darkness Castle, Ribesal is still having conversation with Stolas, and Pirsoyn. He still has doubts about the commander, especially since he has allowed certain freelancers such as Sabrac and Rofocale free access to Star of Darkness Castle, which has never happened before. He intends to challenge the commander to a duel. Just as soon as they finish conversing, Bel Peol, Hecate, and Snake of the Festival enter the hall. Snake of the Festival picks up upon Ribesal's intents, and Yūji demands his name. They enter a brief duel, in which Ribesal is easily defeated by the commander in a display of overwhelming power. Ribesal bows, and the entourage led by Snake of the Festival continues towards the end of the hall, where the leaders of Bal Masqué will explain the details of the 2nd stage of their Grand Order. They are briefly interrupted by the antics of Dantalion and Domino before Bel Peol begins her briefing.

Meanwhile, in Misaki City, Shana seems to be without concentration during her spellcasting training, which frustrates Margery and Marchosias. Wilhelmina attempts to smooth things over by suggesting Shana to name the spell that she is practicing, to provide a focus on what the spell is meant to accomplish. Alastor finds the idea good, but stresses the importance that the decision of having a name, and the name itself, must come from Shana herself.

However, Shana is unable to come up with a name right on the spot, which leads to Wilhelmina to talk about the previous Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter: Mathilde Saint-Omer, and her spell called Knights. After this, and a brief moment of recollection, Shana regains her inspiration, and the training continues.


Lamies encounters Decarabia.

Elsewhere in the world, Lamies encounters Decarabia who has come to summon the former to help Bal Masqué in the realization of their ambition.

Back in Misaki City, Keisaku embarks on his journey towards Tokyo Outlaw on a train. Soon after, a bookmark that was given to him by Margery detects the presence of a Denizen, however it seems this Denizen is not on the same train as him which eases his mind. At Misaki City Train Station, Yūji disembarks from a train, and it turns out that he was the Denizen that Keisaku's bookmark was detecting.

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* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

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Animation TriviaEdit

  • Yūji, Hecate, Bel Peol and Rofocale were all at the snowy mountainside, but Rofocale was able to return to Star of Darkness Castle before the others.




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