Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 03
To Start the Journey
Name in Japanese 旅立つために
Rōmaji Translation Tabidatsu Tame ni
Adapted From Volume XVI
Release Date October 22, 2011
Production Staff
Screenplay Kurasumi Sunayama
Storyboard Hajime Horinouchi
Episode Director Tsuyoshi Tobita
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 02
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 04
Theme Songs
Opening Light My Fire by KOTOKO
Insert None
Ending I'll Believe by ALTIMA

To Start the Journey (旅立つために Tabidatsu Tame ni?) is the third episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.



Yūji returns to Misaki City.

Yūji disembarks from a train at the Misaki City Train Station. He surveys the city from a station window, while elsewhere in the city Eita reminisces about Keisaku telling him about going to Tokyo Outlaw. He is soon interrupted by a call from Keisaku, who warns him of a Denizen heading towards the city. Eita seems unwilling to involve himself in business that deals with the Crimson World, however Keisaku manages to convince him to get involved, and go to the Crystal Altar.

Meanwhile, Yūji is traveling about the city, and Margery is at the Satō residence, spending her time leisurely by drinking wine and getting teased by Marchosias. However, her leisure time ends as she and Marchosias detect the presence of a Crimson Lord in the city, not yet knowing the identity of the owner of this presence, and they are joined by Eita who has come to warn Margery of the impeding threat.

At the riverbank, Wilhelmina and Shana are training within a Seal which is making them oblivious to the presence of a Denizen within the city. However, they soon finish training, and the Seal dissolves after which they immediately can feel the large presence within the city, Alastor discerns from the size of it to be a Crimson Lord.

Back at the Satō residence, Eita and Margery are discussing the situation, Margery decides to call Wilhelmina to plan their strategy. It is decided that Shana and Wilhelmina will stand-by while Margery goes to visually confirm the owner of the presence, while Eita will go to the Crystal Altar to check for the possibility of Unrestricted Spells being about. Shana calls Kazumi to warn her about the Denizen in the city, to give her the possibility to run far away as possible from possible danger. However, Kazumi decides to go the Crystal Altar with Eita. They meet up at the base of the building in which the Treasure Tool is housed in.


Yūji visits the site of the Statue of Pride incident.

Meanwhile, Yūji visits the site of the Statue of Pride incident, reminiscing about that time, the time he decided to protect Shana, and erased the evidence of his existence, bar the two letters he received from Shana, and Kazumi. Soon afterwards, while he is leisurely strolling the city streets, Margery spots him from a roof of a building. She immediately contacts Shana via phone to reveal this information to her, which shocks Shana greatly. Meanwhile, Yūji continues his stroll, and keeps reminiscing about past events, the day he was caught in a Seal the first time, and met Shana within its crimson boundaries.

Then his memories move onto the events that lead him to meeting Lamies, Margery who was hunting the Corpse Collector, and the demise of Friagne. He then moves onto the events during the Seishū Festival, the time Kazumi discovered he was a Torch with the aid of Jettatura, a Treasure Tool Khamsin had given her.

At the Crystal Altar, Eita and Kazumi finally reach the floor in which the Treasure Tool is housed in, while Yūji continues his trip down the memory lane, thinking of the talk he had with Kantarō Sakai about his mother being pregnant. Day begins turning into evening, and he is walking at the riverbank when a group of Misaki City High School Students run by him during PE class, among them a face familiar to Yūji: Matake Ogata, who however does not recognize Yūji. After all, he had erased the evidence of his existence, and those oblivious to the Crimson World would forget him, yet this passing causes him unease nonetheless.

Misaki Bridge

The place where Yūji and Shana meet again.

However, this unease soon passes as he sees the Misaki Bridge up ahead, and he is filled with resolve to see things through. Standing atop one of the bridge towers is Shana. Yūji makes his way to the bridge while thinking of the future and the past, and starts climbing up the stairs that are on the side of one of the bridge towers. Once he makes it atop, he meets eyes with Shana, who is on the opposite side of the bridge. Then the battle begins

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