Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 09
To Seireiden
Name in Japanese 星黎殿へ
Rōmaji Translation Seireiden he
Release Date December 3, 2011
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe, Hajime Horinouchi
Episode Director Toshikazu Hashimoto
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 08
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 10
Theme Songs
Opening Light My Fire by KOTOKO
Insert None
Ending I'll Believe by ALTIMA

To Seireiden (星黎殿へ Seireiden he?) is the ninth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


Khamsin and Rebecca continue their mission of chaos and destruction at the Star of Darkness Castle, and Fecor is finally informed of them, and he starts surveying their actions through the Gehinnom. Fecor orders all the troops within the Castle to engage them, and tries to reach Purson, and Vual. Outside, Khamsin throws a large boulder at the Divine Gate, however it is intercepted by Fecor's Magnesia. Purson contacts Fecor to receive orders for himself, and Vual. Fecor tasks Purson with confrontation of the enemy and the command of the troops, while Vual is to seek out the intruders, and their point of entry.

Fecor also contacts Decarabia to inquire if he knows how the intruders got within the Star of Darkness Castle, however he has no information that could prove useful, but he promises Fecor reinforcements from the areas nearby the Star of Darkness Castle provided he can hold out until the next day.

Elsewhere in the Castle, Shana is surveying the destruction from her room, and feels the chaos created by it is the chance she has been waiting for. The two maid Rinne come to escort her to safety.

Outside, Fecor's Magnesia proves a insurmountable obstacle for Khamsin and Rebecca, as long as it is there they cannot do damage to the Crypta, and the Star of Darkness Castle will remain invisible to the outside world.

Within the Castle, Wilhelmina has infiltrated the very bowels of the massive Treasure Tool in search of Shana, she reminisces about the preparations for this mission, such as her recounting the tale of Gavida telling her of the secret passageway that forms between the Heaven's Road Palace, and Star of Darkness Castle when the two Treasure Tools are brought near each other to Khamsin and Rebecca. Elsewhere in the Castle, Shana is being escorted down a long tunnel by the two maid Rinne when the actions of Khamsin cause the roof to collapse upon them.

Elsewhere, in skies high above François Auric, CenterHill, Sophie Sawallisch, and Samuel Demantius are aboard a plane. Sophie feels somewhat uneasy about the operation she has put in motion based on purely the location of a dimensional disturbance that was felt over the whole world, not knowing if it could be a trap set by Bal Masqué.

Back in the Star of Darkness Castle, Rebecca and Balar ponder the meaning of the Divine Gate, and why the Commander, nor the Trinity of Bal Masqué have shown themselves despite her and Khamsin's deep infiltration of the Castle, while continuing the destruction around her. However, Purson interrupts her, and Khamsin. When Rebecca attempts to kill Purson her attempt is intercepted by a invention of Dantalion's that springs forth out of the ground, and yet another invention catapults both her and Khamsin in the air, which threatens to cause them to crash against Fecor's Magnesia, however Khamsin manages to reverse their direction in time. But, when Khamsin attempts to land Purson uses his Unrestricted Spell against them that topples Khamsin, and knocks Rebecca onto the ground, wounding her slightly. As Purson approaches, Rebecca realizes he is not an opponent to be underestimated, and resolves to engage him at her full might.

Down in the tunnels, Shana survived the collapse of the roof, but finds herself unable to move since Bel Peol's Tartaros is restricting her capabilities to the level of a ordinary human. After a while, she finds the strength to begin moving, however the remnants of one the maid Rinne grabs her by the knee. Grabbing the knife she had smuggled out of her room, Shana desperately flails at the damaged head of the Rinne, until she manages to break it. Shaken, and frustrated she screams a word into tunnel: "Nietono no Shana!", which somehow reaches all the way to the vault the Treasure Tool is locked in. From within the Treasure Tool, Tenmoku Ikko manifests. He cuts his way out of the vault, and decimates the Denizens guarding it, and begins making his way to Shana.

At the Gehinnom, Fecor is still looking into how the intruders got within the Star of Darkness Castle, and just when he reaches the conclusion that there is some sort of passageway between the Heaven's-Road Palace, and Star of Darkness Castle he is interrupted by the call of a nearby Denizen, who is promptly cut down by Tenmoku Ikko. Fecor attempts to defend himself against the Mystes, but Tenmoku Ikko cuts through it with the Nietono no Shana.

Outside, Rebecca and Khamsin note the withdrawal of Magnesia, this alarms Purson who wonders if something has happened to Fecor. Not wasting a moment, Khamsin creates a hole in the Crypta.

In the tunnel, Shana hears the clanging footsteps of Tenmoku Ikko approaching her. They meet, and he cuts Tartaros, freeing Shana from its restrictions. Having completed his mission, he presents Shana with the Nietono no Shana, and merges his essence with the blade once more. With her powers, and sword restored to her Shana sets out on her journey towards Yūji.

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