Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 16
To Battle, Once More
Name in Japanese 再び、戦いへ
Rōmaji Translation Futatabi Tatakai e
Release Date January 28, 2012
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Toshikazu Hashimoto, Yoshitomo Yonetani, Youhei Suzuki
Episode Director Toshikazu Hashimoto
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 15
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 17
Theme Songs
Opening Serment by Mami Kawada
Insert None
Ending One by ALTIMA

To Battle, Once More (再び、戦いへ Futatabi, Tatakai e?) is the sixteenth episode Shakugan no Shana Final. Several Flame Haze decide whether to continue fighting against Bal Masqué or not before Shana reveals her plan that she plan on the way to the Hong Kong International Airport.


Somewhere, Pheles has used the Nomenclator to analyze, and modify a spell according Johann's wishes, although reluctantly. But she will not enact the plan they have made until one "impossible miracle" is made happen with the Giralda.

At Hong Kong, the few surviving Flame Haze: Shana, Margery Daw, Khamsin Nbh'w, Wilhelmina Carmel, Rebecca Reed, Chiara Toscana, Sale Habichtsburg, and Sophie Sawallisch have to decide whether to continue the fight against Bal Masqué or not.

At the Star of Darkness Castle, Dantalion and Domino are hard at work restoring the Castle to working order as ordered by Bel Peol. At the Crystal Altar, Yūji Sakai is discussing about making a second declaration about Xanadu with Bel Peol. Yūji says that the ceremony will be held over Japan, and just as Bel Peol leaves to enact Yūji's orders, he receives another visitor: Lamies. Yūji requests Lamies's aid with one more task in addition to all that he has been asked to perform on the behalf of Bal Masqué.

Elsewhere, the Hyakki Yakō are spending their time leisurely on a ranch somewhere, and their discussion turns toward Xanadu: Bal Masqué has requested their aid. The mailman comes to bring them their mail, when something unexpected happens: the mailman has been possessed by Pheles, who did not however expect to actually find the Hyakki Yakō, but envelops them within the boundaries of Inverna nonetheless.

At Hong Kong, after all the surviving Flame Haze decided to fight, Shana reveals her plan and they fly off to New York where they will meet the rest of the Four Gods of Earth after CenterHill sacrificed himself.

At the Star of Darkness Castle, the massive Treasure Tool has been restored to working order. Yūji orders the Star of Darkness Castle to the Northeast, towards Misaki City where he will start the creation of Xanadu.

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