Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 22
Dream of the Stranger
Final ep 22
Name in Japanese 異邦人の夢
Rōmaji Translation Ihōjin no Yume
Release Date March 9, 2012
Production Staff
Screenplay Kurasumi Sunayama
Storyboard Yoshitomo Yonetani
Episode Director Masato Jinbo
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 21
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 23
Theme Songs
Opening Serment by Mami Kawada
Insert None
Ending One by ALTIMA

Dream of the Stranger (異邦人の夢 Ihōjin no Yume?) is the twenty-second episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


While to the outside observer, it would appear that the Hyakki Yakō van was destroyed, in reality Gyūki created an illusion, and the actual van was pulled to safety by Khamsin. Under the covers of Gyūki's illusion Khamsin, and Hyakki Yakō plan their next move. It is decided that Kazumi will be left in the protection of the Hyakki Yakō, and Khamsin sets out to protect them against the Denizen forces surrounding them.

Above them, Yūji, and Sydonay are fighting fiercely against Shana, Margery Daw, and Wilhelmina. The Flame Haze trio realize that the Hyakki Yakō will require their assistance, and Wilhelmina is sent to assist them. Pondering the meaning of the object Kazumi is holding, she explains it contains Pheles and Johann, but before they have time to examine it further they must hide within a tunnel on the side of the Star of Darkness Castle while Wilhelmina will defend the entrance, and Para disables the controls for an unknown contraption that seems to be designed to accelerate something out of the tower.

Outside, Seere and Chiara continue their battle against Mammon, and Dantalion. The Seeking Researcher launches a volley of missiles against them, which separate Seere from Chiara, and Mammon ensures she cannot interfere as Seere approaches an robot of Dantalion's, which the Seeking Researcher instructs to explode. However, Dantalion's own invention is turned against him as Seere launches the robot at the control room Dantalion and Domino are in, they attempt to escape, but due to Para's earlier disabling work they find themselves stuck as the robot collides against the control room, and explodes.

This distracts Mammon, and Chiara attacks him: cleaving him in half. When she tries to give the final blow to Mammon, suddenly there is a irised-coloured smoke blocking her view. Behind the smoke, Mammon thanks Pirsoyn for saving him, however without Dantalion and the control room all his robots go out of control, and they begin exploding. Realizing that he must sacrifice himself to protect the Star of Darkness Castle, Mammon bids Pirsoyn farewell, and draws all the robots to himself while retreating away from the Castle.

High above, Yūji realizes that the Dragon Tail and the Tyrant are no longer functional, and he sets out to restore the Psalm of the Grand Order with the Snake of the Festival using Bel Peol's final preparation: the Conloquium, which contains a backup version of the Psalm. Shana and Margery reveal their secret to Yūji, that their plan all along was for them to do so, since they have modified the Psalm placed with the Conloquium. However, the Snake of the Festival and Yūji do not seem displeased by this revelation...

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