Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 23
The God's Dream
Final ep 23
Name in Japanese 神の夢
Rōmaji Translation Kami no Yume
Release Date March 16, 2012
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuko Kobayashi
Storyboard Youhei Suzuki
Episode Director Youhei Suzuki
Episode Navigation
Previous Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 22
Next Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 24
Theme Songs
Opening None
Insert None
Ending One by ALTIMA

The God's Dream (神の夢 Kami no Yume?) is the twenty-third episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. The creation of Xanadu reaches its last phase. The Crimson Denizens enter Xanadu via the pathway created by the Snake of the Festival.


Creation of xanadu arc

The Snake of the Festival smiling.

As midnight nears, Snake of the Festival seems confident, which unnerves Marchosias, Margery, and Shana. Elsewhere, Ernest Flieder, and Brigid are also unnerved due to what Rofocale is about to do. He has revealed that he intends to perform the Divine Summon required for Shaher to make her proclamation about what he has just seen in Misaki City. Yūji, and Snake of the Festival reveal the final secret about the Midnight Lost Child discovered by the now former Seeking Researcher, this secret is the cornerstone required for fulfilling the ambition of Bal Masqué. As the zeroth hour tolls, two Divine Summonings take place.

In Misaki City, Snake of the Festival unleashes an unimaginable amount of power required for the creation of Xanadu, and at the Tian Shan Mountains Rofocale calls forth Shaher for a proclamation. However, this proclamation is not what Marchosias, Margery, Wilhelmina, Shana, or even Alastor expected. It is not about their proposed law against devouring humans, instead it is related to the Engage Link, or more accurately what they have created: The Heir to Both Worlds. An existence that could be described being half Human, and half Denizen. This revelation shocks Alastor, who stopped a similar effort by Asiz at the expense of the life his beloved contractor, Mathilde Saint-Omer.

Snake of the Festival is overjoyed at this news, and states that he will go forth with the creation of Xanadu with a fresh mindset. As the Denizens unite their wishes, and Xanadu begins taking form, Bel Peol is shocked by what she sees. The spell insignia altered by the Flame Haze to include a law prohibiting the devouring of humans was not reverted back to its original form by Snake of the Festival, who could have done so by the power of his Divine Summon. Snake of the Festival reveals that the moment the wishes of the Denizens united, he found them wishing for that very law to be integrated into Xanadu, perhaps swayed by the words of Alastor earlier.

Having finished the creation ritual, Snake of the Festival, Sydonay, and Bel Peol gather at the Saishuku no Shadan. Snake of the Festival states the name he wants summoned (using the powers of Bel Peol's Tartaros) to the Shrine to be sent as a pioneer to the new world first: Dashing Earthly Fiend, Ribesal. Ribesal however is hesitant to leave for the new world without his companion, Pirsoyn, and Sydonay notices this. He asks the somewhat confused Bel Peol to summon the Jaeger to join Ribesal. Overjoyed that his friend is alright, he sets forth to fulfilling the command given to him by Snake of the Festival with Pirsoyn by his side.

Seeing that they can cross over to the new world safely, the Denizens begin embarking there, leaving behind all the Power of Existence they have accumulated in this world, which manifests as something that could be described as a rain of Power of Existence.

Most of the Bal Masqué leadership join them shortly afterwards, but before Bel Peol, and Snake of the Festival may leave for the new world something must be done. Bel Peol separates the God of Creation from Yūji using Tartaros, which leaves the former feeling somewhat saddened, for Yūji has been an enjoyable companion which with to fulfill his ambition, and Bel Peol gives a control key for the part of Tartaros that is still around the city. Sydonay unexpectedly reveals that he will be staying behind with Yūji, apparently he feels grateful for the fact that the Mystes managed to make the commander of Bal Masqué feel enjoyed while fulfilling their ambition(perhaps also feeling intrigued by the attitude displayed by the Mystes).

Before leaving behind the Mystes that would use even gods to fulfill his goals, the Snake of the Festival tells Yūji that even if nobody else forgives him for his goals, the god of creation will, and that he approves Yūji's ambitions. Shortly before departure, he also reveals to the Flame Haze that the law they battled, and wished for has been integrated into Xanadu.

The Hyakki Yakō also set forth to the new world, leaving Yoshida Kazumi with the Flame Haze gathered to mourn, for Khamsin Nbh'w has suffered mortal wounds. With the need to slaughter Denizens finally gone Khamsin inquires Kazumi that if she remember the story he told of and she says yes, after that the old Tuner perishes.

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