Shakugan no Shana Volume XX
Shakugan no Shana Light Novel Volume 20 cover
Date of Release April 10, 2010
ISBN Numbers ISBN 4048684515
ISBN 978-4-0486-8451-4
Number of Pages 249 pages
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Previous Volume Shakugan no Shana Light Novel Volume 19
Next Volume Shakugan no Shana Light Novel Volume 21

Shakugan no Shana Volume XX (灼眼のシャナXX?) is the twentieth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series that is part of the main story and the twenty-third overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Grand Order Declaration
  • Chapter 2: The War to Escort the Retreat
  • Chapter 3: Master's Journey, Crushing Chaos
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



Previously from vol.19, Sophie commences the retreat maneuver when the Snake appears from the God Gate. Snake of Festival's group returned along with Shana's group chasing behind.

Fecor perished protecting the gate but, for the last time, able to see his superiors and leader returned.

After Snake of Festival comes back to the battlefield, he proclaims the initiation of Xanadu (utopian mirror). He will create the exact same clone of Earth inside the interval between Earth and Crimson Realm. In that place, no more need for Denizens to consume people as he demonstrated this plan in the past when he built a certain utopian city called Daibakusa and look after it with Haridan (more details in Vol 2). Alongside of him, there were the Trinity, Rofocale, Illuyanka and Onamuchi who witnessed the plan.

Before he could develop to the next stage, the ancient Flame Haze (including Khamsin/Behemoth, Tis/Asiz, Valac's former Flame Haze, Takemikazuchi's former Flame Haze (not Sophie) and other 3 Flame Haze managed to seal him with one of them's Unrestricted Spell: Eternal Pitfall, in the interval between two worlds.

The Flame Haze army wavers after Snake of Festival's explanation but with the returning of Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin, Rebecca who joins the battle and the leading of Sophie, the army still distrust Snake of Festival's words. Snake of Festival then proclaims another explanation of Xanadu; The creating of this new world won't affect the Earth. They will leave this world and never come back again. He concludes that they don't have to fight anymore and their war is over now. After his last revelation, the Flame Haze army shattered. Most of them lost the reason to fight and now facing the annihilation by Bal Masque's army leading by the returned Sydonay.

The retreat maneuver is for Flame Haze to retreat to Tendoukyu. Samuel takes care of the survivors with his Unrestricted Spell: Wagenburg, Sophie uses the counterfeit Tendoukyu(s) to confuse the enemies. CenterHill activates his Unrestricted Spell: Tlalocan and creates the beacon for the survivors to retreat to. Shana and Wilhelmina interfere Sydonay to buy some time for them to retreat.

CenterHill resolves to fight (after staying as the observer since the beginning of the battle) and entrusts his words of his determination to Shana to relay to other Four Gods of Mainland (EastEdge's group). He affirm that they would join the battle as he did.

In the end, Samuel and CenterHill stay as rear guard, sacrificing themselves the survivors' chance to escape with the real Tendoukyu. Shana's group manage to escape from Sydonay with the help of Margery and meet with Seere and Chiara. Together, they head to Hong Kong to regroup with the Chinese Outlaw, Kairinkai.

Snake of Festival heads to Misaki city.



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