Shakugan no Shana Volume M (灼眼のシャナM?) was a light novel volume which was on limited sale in cinemas during the Dengeki Bunko Movie Festival, which had Shakugan no Shana The Movie as one of the featured movies. The volume contained the short stories "Overture" and "Nomad", the latter published for the first time before being published again within Shakugan no Shana SIII. Instead of a barcode and ISBN number, it has a label that says "Dengeki Theater Bunko" (電撃劇場文庫 Dengeki Gekijō Bunko?).

A slipcase cover was made to store this volume as well as two similar volumes of fellow Dengeki Bunko series Inukami! and Kino's Journey, whose movies were also part of the Movie Festival.


  • Overture (オーバーチュア?)
    • Chapter 1: Ōgami Junko
    • Chapter 2: Hamaguchi Yukio
    • Chapter 3: Ukobach
  • "Nomad" (ノーマッド?)
    • Chapter 1: Opening (発端?)
    • Chapter 2: Contact (接触?)
    • Chapter 3: Assault (襲撃?)
    • Chapter 4: Conclusion (決着?)

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



see full article: Overture


see full article: Nomad

A few days after the battle with Friagne, a Rinne who lost its master is wandering in the city. Before its destruction from the exhaustion of its Power of Existence, the Rinne finds its master's presence lingering inside the surviving Treasure Tool someone holds.



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